Marvel: the return of the SPOILER, Atonishing X-Men #6!


Published on Dec 08, 2017


From the website bleedingcool here is the preview of the Atonishing X-Men #6, the register will, at least judging from the first pages, the return of one of the characters most famous and beloved of the X-Men...

...i.e. professor Charles Xavier, Professor X. The numbers of the series of January and gebbraio will be decisive for the fate of this character.

Remember that Xavier seemed to be lost in the astral plane the Shadow King, with a body and mind seemingly destroyed. But on #6 it seems that the professor is back in an unusual way, namely, by taking possession of the body of a fearsome villain, being a mutant thief, as you can see from the pictures in the gallery.

For now, however, we do not have information yet on how it can be success in this “exchange” of bodies, and, above all, as Xavier could have survived the destruction of his mind and his body...

Astonishing X-Men #6 by Charles Soule and Mike Del Mundo, will be released in January in the USA.

Marvel: the return of the SPOILER, Atonishing X-Men #6! is




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