Marvel: the report of the conference “Next Big Thing” – NYCC 2017


Published on Oct 06, 2017


In the panel “Marvel Legacy''s Next Big Thing” the editors Nick Lowe and Mark Low, the writers And Brisson, Gerry Duggan, Matthew Rosenberg, Rainbow Rowell, Charles Soule and penciler Javier Gàrron and Erica Henderson have disclosed some news about what will happen in the near future on several magazines of the publishing house.

It starts with Brisson, who speaks of the presence of a historic enemy of Wolverine, the ferocious Sabretooth in the pages of Iron Fist, where we can observe then a strange alliance between these two characters that will risk both life for the saving of the mystical city of Kun L’ a...

Charles Solule is instead questioned about the management of Daredevil, and we learn this back on the scene in New York city, Wilson Fisk alias Kigpin, even become the mayor of the city!

Facing so hard times for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

On The Punisher, the hype at thousand after the confirmation of Rosenberg: Frank Castle is wearing the armor of the War Machine, the consequences are definitely devastating! Also, it is announced a story about the past of the Punisher to his or her very first arrival in the Vietnam war.

Secret Warriors will see the Inhuman face a terrible threat, according to Javier Garron the biggest of them has ever faced, whose roots lie in the previous series, “Inhumans vs X-Men.”

Rowell instead puts the attention on the return of the Runaways, the group of children who, in the original comic, fleeing together after discovering that the parents were super-villains belonging to the secret society Pride.

Other announcements are made about Guardians of the Galaxy with the entrance into the team, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and with the return of Adam Warlock.

Will also be provided on Deadpool, with the consequences of the Secret Empire which will be particularly heavy for Wade Wilson: according to Duggan will pass a period of rather black.

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