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Published on Jan 06, 2018



The site comicbook launches the news of the return of Adam Warlock in the publications of the House of Ideas, which will take place on Guardians of The Galaxy #150 output in January in the USA.

The reappearance of a character seems to be tied to the next big event in Marvel, still in part enveloped in mystery, called Infinity Countdown, which we have already begun to describe in this article. The fate of the Warlock seems to be linked to the Gems of the Infinite, which are reappearing in the universe, and that will certainly be involved in this future mini-series.

Remember the fact that they are resurfaced three Gems in the Marvel universe, currently in the possession of the three heroes, that is to say, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy and the resurrected Wolverine.


This all seems to be connected to the fate of Adam Warlock. In Guardians of the Galaxy # 150, we find a Warlock who wakes up and realizes that he is dead. Not only that, but believed to be in the Realm of the Soul, the kingdom located inside of the Stone of the soul, one of the gems of the infinite. However, it may not be all as it seems: in fact, Adam is wandering in this world, and meets a being who resembles Nature, another member of the Guardians, but in a more “elderly”. Finally, the Warlock seems to be able to leave the Realm of the Soul, and the outside is the presence of Kang the conqueror, who, then, seems to be one of the villlain involved in this research of the Kidneys. We also notice the “new look” of the character in the image below.

The story centered on the Warlock to continue on the comic book Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock that will be released in February.


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