Marvel: the Hulk is 750 in march, all the details


Published on Dec 11, 2019


Hulk is one of the historical characters of the House of Ideas, and in march 2020 in the giant jade will celebrate a vital event of his publishing history with the new issue of his current series: the Immortal Hulk.

In the web begin to appear the first rumors and the preview released by Marvel to promote the comics coming out in march 2020. In reference to this, the publisher has revealed new details about the number 33 of the Immortal Hulk and unveiled the cover of the new issue dedicated to the giant green.

Taking into consideration all of the series in the past which had as its protagonist, the alter ego of Bruce Banner, the number 33 will be the number 750 the Incredible Hulk. The name of the original series dedicated to the character, launched by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1962.

To follow you can admire the cover of the new issue created by Alex Ross!

The Immortal Hulk #33 will see the script in The Ewing, and Joe Bennett's pencils. All the covers of the head are illustrated by Alex Ross, the comic will celebrate the 750 numbers of the Incredible Hulk, at the bottom of the synopsis released by Marvel for the occasion!

“We celebrate the 750 numbers of the INCREDIBLE HULK! There is something wrong. Someone has seriously compromised the simulacrum. The Banner is absolutely not willing to give in. There is something wrong with them.”

Set after the events of the second civil war was unleashed in the community of the Marvel superheroes, where Bruce Banner had been killed by hawkeye, the Immortal Hulk has seen the return of the giant of jade, which has undergone a monstrous resurrection. With the tension growing stronger between Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the character has lived new adventures, shades of horror. In the new issue Hulk will have a simulacrum defective, a robot similar to the one created in the past to simulate the Hulk, who will have the better?

Marvel: the Hulk is 750 in march, all the details of




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