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Published on Nov 25, 2018


Since the introduction of Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby in the ’60s, Thor was one of the most intriguing of Marvel Comics. As a God Asgardiano, has passed through many adventures, dipped in every mystery she could find, fighting to the Nine Kingdoms, whenever it was required. But as both the son of Asgard and of Odin, Thor is also the son of the Earth.


His mother, Gaea, Goddess of the Earth, then Thor has defended Midgard as if it were its own planet, both solo and with the Avengers. In Thor #7 Jason Aaron and Tony Moore, however, we finally discovered the real reason for this particular kingdom keeps the mind, the body and the soul of the son of Odin has always been committed.

In this number, we learn that the Midgard and made her way into the heart of Thor before Odin threw it in the body of Dr. Donald Blake to learn a lesson of humility. This story of origins is well-known; the Father of All wanted to teach the son petulant a lesson and, while he spent his time in a mortal body, fell in love with Jane Foster. Of course, the invasion of Loki would bring the truth to light, with Thor at the end made Blake the bridge to connect himself to the Earth, but considering that his mother was a deity on earth, and Jane had made him appreciate the people of Midgard, we thought that these were the reasons why he fought for us.

Surely these are some of the reasons, but we now have a new vision of the real reason why Thor has always been tied to the Land. In Thor #7, Aaron plunges in his younger days, and he paints the God as a young drunk, who spends time on Midgard with the Vikings while neglecting his duties with Odin. But Loki devises a plan using the most powerful force in the universe: love. With the blessing of Odin, launch Thor on Earth in the chaos of a battle in viking where to save the life of a woman viking of the name Erika the Red.

Is bigger than him, almost as strong as him, and extraordinarily beautiful, which means love at first sight for the young God. You take a little, they flirt, they end up falling in love with one another, and together they live many adventures. This is the first time that Thor falls in love and learns of the mortality of human beings. She helps him even to understand why Odin expects more from him, and it is for this reason that everything becomes sour when the Father of All, angry at the fact that his son has not yet returned to the house, conspiring with Loki to create a war for bring back Thor to his duties as a divine.

Partly to deal with the Dark Elves and the Dwarves, even after Erika begs him to stay. He loves it, but could not abandon his comrades. In the end, Thor comes back, but unfortunately, 40 years have passed since his departure. When he arrives on Earth, Erika is dead for three days. Turns out that she was waiting for him, even in his old age. With the broken heart, Thor decides to honor her by trying to become someone who is worthy of protecting the kingdom of the latter, which is probably the reason why Odin thought to throw it in the body of Blake would have been a good idea, several years after. His memory would have been erased but it is clear that Odin felt the familiar territory would have evoked in the son of its characteristics altruistic once again.

And so it was transformed into the hero who Erika knew she could be, and a worthy defender of Midgard. What is also interesting is that Erika is very reminiscent of the current woman that Thor has fallen in love: She-Hulk. In fact, it is so lost to Jennifer Walters, who was asked to Carol Danvers in Avengers #700 as he would have been able to get close to mate, just like a little boy self-conscious.

Given that the latter story is by Jason Aaron, the two events can be put together and appreciated more.

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