Marvel, Stefano Landini presents Daredevil: Mayor Fisk!


Published on Oct 12, 2017


And’ the Italian Stefano Landini to present the news.marvel the stoyarc that will begin on the #595 of the regular series, Daredevil: Mayor Fisk.

The story written by Charles Solule will come true a real nightmare for Matt Murdock: his arch-enemy, Wilson Fisk, alias the Kingpin is, in fact, become the mayor of the Big Apple (and supported by the consensus of the population of new york after the events of the Secret Empire), it is easy to imagine how, with his new power, will attempt in all ways to permanently destroy the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. At the same time, Murdock will try in all manners of tests that can nail down definitively Kingpin and show everyone his true nature.

Initially Landini has talked about how he was excited at the idea of working on Daredevil teamed with Soule, and admire a lot his work and his way of writing.

The penciler then he expressed his opinion about his approach to Daredevil, referring also to look after the Legacy is back in the original version, the classic red costume from the Devil : “I I do something traditional with the costume of the Devil, without adding anything new. I love the more classic versions of the costumes of superheroes and after reading the script, I realized that the best look for this story to be as classic as possible.”

Interesting the statement of the author on the representation of Kingpin: “with Regard to Wilson Fisk, I took as a model the TV series to the netflix “Daredevil”, based on the model of Vincent d'onofrio (interpreter, precisely, of the Kingpin) that I consider perfect for the part; as the only change, I made it simply more “big”, because we all know that the giant is in the comics.”

We show below the three preview pages of #585 of Daredevil, with beautiful designs of Landini.

The artist concluded by stating how he attempted to characterize effectively the alter ego without the mask of the Devil, Matt Murdock, trying to draw it so as to differentiate it from all the other superheroes.

Daredevil #585 will be out in comics stores american on November 8, 2018.

source: news.marvel

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