Marvel: Stan Lee, and the directives on the covers of the comics


Published on Dec 05, 2019


During the last month in London was held the MCM Comic con, meeting point of all fans of the world of comics. The event is similar to the famous San Diego Comic con has given me the chance to fans to see some of the works of artists and writers who have worked on the comics. Among the principal guests was Jim Shooter and the the desk in her booth was chock-full of drafts, sketches and screenplays.

The last time we talked about the laws of time travel in Marvel, but now the attention is entirely dedicated to Stan Lee. In fact, among the documents of Jim Shooter stands out a letter signed by Stan Lee, in person.

The latter was sent to Jim Shooter, then editor-in-chief of Marvel the 26 April 1978. Like any great author, in the above-mentioned letter of the smiling Stan gave directives and precious advice on what need to change on the covers of some comics about some of his most famous creations. Here's what he said in detail:

“HULK #75: I Think that is a good idea if you put Hulk in a typical human situation, such as, for example, make it appear in a tv show. Although the cover that I have attached is clear for a reader constantly of the magazine, I don't have absolutely the slightest idea of what will it be about the comic book just by looking at the drawing and read the caption. Talk with me if you want.”

“X-MEN #113: This is a cover is reasonably good in that it was designed clearly, although they are happening many things. I think that girls should look a lot more beautiful, as a matter of fact, they are quite unpleasant on the cover, but I suppose it would be to expect too much. Jim, when should be drawn to the girls, can't we have someone who designs cute girls, someone that the pencil drawings and inks on the cover?”

“KULL #29: This cover is very good, but I've seen it in pencil and I would have suggested to represent the legs of the Brace farther to give a greater sense of strength and power. It is located in a position slightly effeminata. The only thing to remember is that the hero must always appear strong and vigorous, and dangerous, at least as much as the villain. In the case where it was not clear I would be happy to discuss with you.”

To follow the covers of which he spoke, Stan Lee!

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