Marvel Snapshots: the stories of the Avengers and Spider-Man


Published on Feb 20, 2020


Marvel Snapshots will start next month in the United States, and then continue to June. The new editorial project curated by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross will be a series of bi-monthly will consist of eight stories, episodic that will provide points of view that are unusual on some of the most famous heroes of the Marvel Universe!

The series will see the participation outstanding of many different artists, those who will make a different story, supervised by the same Kurt Busiek. In may 2020, this tour's long history with Marvel will continue bringing our attention on the Avengers and Spider-Man!

The number-centric Avengers will be written by Barbara Randall Kesel (Hawk & Where, Ultragirl), and will be drawn by Staz Johnson (New X-Men, Robin). The story will be set during the influential period of the Avengers by David Michelinie, John Byrne, and George Perez. The comic strip will tell a story that can only happen in the Marvel Universe, and that will be the beginning, when a policeman, a novice, completely new to the city you'll find yourself in the midst of a battle, it is devastating one of the most Powerful Heroes of the Earth and a giant robot gone mad!

“When in the beginning, Kurt told me about this project, it took me a minute to realize that I was just talking about this fun idea to Marvel, but I was asking if I wanted to be involved!” He said the writer Barbara Randall Kesel. “My favorite stories are those that come in the personal lives of the people that are close to the great action, then a big ONE on any thing in the scale of Marvel, and I appresterò to enter in that crazy atmosphere Avengers ’80s, that is the icing on the cake! I enjoyed myself completely in add a small piece on the mighty Myth Marvel. Kurt began with an image that has become the catalyst for the two heroes of New York without super powers that you will encounter during a crisis. Later, we started talking about what they should do to the people in the streets when pieces of buildings fall from the sky... where you going to flee for the the emergency?”

After that number there will be Marvel Snapshots: Spider-Man will be written and drawn by Howard Chaykin! The story is told from the point of view of a criminal of low funds that will seek to live his life in the streets infested with superheroes. In the above story, we will see in first person how difficult it is to live like a criminal when someone like Spider-Man is constantly around the corner!

“I was delighted to have been convened by the fabulous Kurt Busiek to work on the Marvel series Snapshots.” He said Chaykin. “I haven't worked for Marvel in a stable way for almost eight years, my pleasure was also turned in surprise. Kurt is the one who extends his hand, and I am grateful to participate in this project.”

Month after month, get ready to be delighted by these wonderful stories, told by a different group of creators through the comic book industry.


MARVELS SNAPSHOTS: SPIDER-MAN #1 screenplay and drawings of HOWARD CHAYKIN, supervision of KURT BUSIEK. The cover of ALEX ROSS.

Marvel Snapshots: the stories of the Avengers and Spider-Man is




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