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Published on Jul 02, 2019


Cloak and Dagger, the Marvel series young adult Freeform, broadcast in Italy in the contemporary Usa on Amazon Prime Video, close the second season with two episodes dedicated to balance so much upset in the previous installments, even if it is less “explosive” and the impact of the end of the first.

The ninth episode is dedicated to the “birth of the villain” Andre (Brooklyn McLinn), his aspiration as a musician in jazz and the Blue Notes-to-reach, note of the God. Intermittently – just like in the direction of Big Little Lies, and in the style of the direction of the previous chapters of this story – the flashbacks take us back as to his history and how he became the collector of fears of the young souls that relieve his throbbing headache.

The tenth and final episode returns to the themes of voodoo, that you were taking during the end of the cycle the opening on the Pair of Chosen ones. This time is Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy) to have collected the legacy of the family and to act as a bridge between the two worlds, as well as Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) and his “twin soul” (the place where contains the whole of fear of the other and where he had been trapped Connors). With him Tandy (Olivia Holt), new side-by-side not surrendering in time of need, but fighting united states. With them also the double identity of Brigid (Emma Lahana), now one.

Now all the souls, including that of the mother of Tandy, Melissa (Andrea Roth) – they are under his game, in his to become a God while playing the trumpet in a local jazz metaphysical. The two souls of New Orleans (jazz and voodoo) are mixed once again, and people disappear one after the other from the city. The only hope is once the Royal Couple of the Chosen. For the umpteenth time, Tandy and Tyrone will have to deal with their inner demons – the father figure for her and be the best version of himself for him – with which Andre tries to distract them, to come out victorious.

With the end of the Cloak and Dagger, the circle closes and is ready to open up even from the other side, with a possible new location and a journey for the protagonists, but at the same time, a closure of what happened so far.

This second season, compared to the freshness and to its being set as different in the Marvel universe television show, sins of excessive cliché and, above all, a development that is too slow, redundant, and repetitive in his explanations, and to look into the soul of the two protagonists, arguments and revelations already received in the inaugural season. Also the impact on people is less tragic than I expected, given that even the Lia (Dilshad Vadsaria) you save: perhaps as a message of hope of the serial, but at the same time a bit unrealistic that in the end Andre did not really victims.

Fine, its done clearly and openly a part of the shared universe the Marvel/Netflix, finished with Jessica Jones. In addition to some of the scattered in the course of the season, the character of Luke Cage is clearly recognized as a reference to the black community, a sign of the issue of race is also present in this series young adult.

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