Marvel's Avengers: the prequel foreshadows a Civil War with the SHIELD


Published on Dec 20, 2019


Marvel's Avengers will be available for Playstation 4 starting from the 15th of may 2020. Before the arrival of that long-awaited day, Marvel is getting into the thick of the promotional campaign of the video game through a number of comics, which will serve as precursors to the events narrated in the video game.

As we see from the first launch trailer, following an accident the most powerful of earth's heroes will be defeated severely by a group of villains with weapons high tech. After the accident, and the death of Captain America, our heroes will be the main sospettatati by the government and Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will depart for a journey to discover the conspiracy behind all the events. However, the first comic book prequel to the video game, which is dedicated to Iron Man makes sense that a civil war between the heroes and SHIELD was already at the door, even before the accident. Let's discover together some of the clues!

Attention! The following spoiler on Marvel's the Avengers: Iron Man #1!

The comic opens with a confrontation between Tony Stark and the Legion of Deadly battle where the Beetle is having the best. Strangely, the armor Tony has been corrupted but she still manages to defeat the villain. Making some questions to the Beetle, now in the cell, Tony discovers that the whole thing was a plan drawn up by the SHIELD, according to which the criminals would have to steal part of its stockpiles of weapons.

Stark will be even more furious at the discovery, and accuses Bruce Banner and Black Widow had sold the confidential information of the Avengers, and to be spies on behalf of SHIELD. Tony will start to become paranoid, and when it does not find leaks in the security system concludes that its research and projects are overseen by Bruce and by an agent of SHIELD. Iron Man will meet the latter, and the agent will turn out to be Spymaster who is stealing the technology of Stark, " selling it on the black market. In addition, the main buyer of its technology is a very familiar name: Nick Fury.

Then, Tony will head to the house of Fury, where we are aware of the reason of his actions. The leader of the SHIELD is stealing the data of Stark as the hero does nothing to improve his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. By doing so Fury believes to supervise the Avengers. It could happen if that technology fell into the wrong hands, and steal the weapons is an insurance policy.

Stark will feel betrayed and accuse Fury of putting the needs of the organization before those of the heroes, however, Tony will not stop working for the SHIELD. Considering the danger of the Avengers as the actions of Fury are understandable, but would be able to talk with Tony Stark before taking possession of his technology.

Will have done well? Only when will the game we'll find out for sure. Probably, Nick Fury has brought inadvertently the weapons straight at the enemy, for the incident seen in the trailer.

Marvel's Avengers: the prequel foreshadows a Civil War with the SHIELD is




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