Marvel: Rosenberg and Land on the Astonishing X-Men


Published on Apr 14, 2018


The writer Matthew Rosenberg has announced on Twitter that sceneggerà Astonishing X-Men after the last issue of Charles Soule.

It's not often you get to announce you fulfilled a lifelong dream. Starting with issue #13 I am The new writer of ASTONISHING X-MEN!

— Matthew Rosenberg (@AshcanPress) April 13, 2018

Rosenberg will be assisted during the first story-arc by the artist Greg Land, with a new team, which will include Colossus, Dazzler, Warpath, Beast, and Havok, with the last two that lead the group together.

“Charles Soule will end his history with the number #12 in the series. [...] The #13 will be my and Greg Land, and we will tell you a brand new story with a brand new team. I have made many references to some of my favorite stories in the history of the X-Men, but I'm also pushing things forward and challenging the future.”

Rosenberg has recently written Phoenix Resusrrection and New Mutants: Dead Souls. The run of 12 numbers, Soule has seen every single issue a different designer. We still don't know if Greg Land is going to accompany the writer only for the first story-arc, or will remain fixed.

Marvel: Rosenberg and Land on the Astonishing X-Men is




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