Marvel reveals how it came back to life Wolverine


Published on Feb 21, 2019



After Wolverine lost his healing factor and died in the in the narrative cycle of 2014, titled Death of Wolverine, the fans and the inhabitants of the Marvel universe they wondered how it would be returned to Logan. After all, even being completely encased in a solid shell of adamantium might not be enough to hold off the wrapping canadian, one of the heroes of the ever most beloved.

While Logan and his new, red-hot claws bounced here and there in the Marvel Universe then join with some of his old teammates, the X-Men, the full details of his mysterious return were left largely unexplained, until now. In the Return of Wolverine #5, by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, Logan finally gets some answers about not only how, but why it was resurrected.

In the course of this miniseries, Logan has already learned that it was revived by the evil Persephone, a mutant with the ability to resurrect the dead. As said in the Return of Wolverine #4, its powers can transform the dead into monsters that have no mind, the drones who obey her or “clones” which are replicas almost perfect of the people they once were.

Logan learns in this issue that Persephone wants to kill the entire human race and rianimarli as his puppets. From his space station, the mutant designs to watch over Earth while her puppet handle things with cold efficiency. Like its namesake mythological Persephone thinks of himself as a bringer of death but also new life. To this end, and has already chosen a handful of creative geniuses and scientists to continue their work on his station.

However, the healing factor of Wolverine apparently has released in some way the mutant from the control of Persephone. In fact, while she was still highly suggestible and easily manipulated, Wolverine has started to have flashes of his old memories and his mind, he tried to break free from the one in previous issues of the Return of Wolverine.

After that Persephone has brought Logan in his space station and has revealed his main plan in this issue, Logan destroys the base in an exhibition of epic, pushing his healing factor to the absolute limit.

While Logan prepares for his final confrontation with Zagreus, the brother of Persephone, and the performer in the main, seems to be regaining most of his memories.

While this number seems to show Logan the recovery of all his memories, his subsequent appearances, which we have already seen, have revealed that Logan still has holes in it significant in his memories.

During his recent appearances in Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine: the Infinity Watch, in which the Return of Wolverine is the prequel, Logan says openly that he has gaps in his memory. It seems to have recognized most of the people who were in his life, but is not yet aware of many details, including what he did while he was under the control of Persephone.

These gaps could be explored in stories about the future, and they put Logan in a position that is unfortunate, but nostalgically familiar.

As bad as the Program Weapon-X, Apocalypse, Hydra and the Hand have tampered with the mind and memories of Logan several times in the course of the years. While these organizations have manipulated Logan to use his killer instinct for their own purposes, the X-Man has always been able to reconstruct the details of their past and come to grips with what he's done.

Marvel reveals how it came back to life, Wolverine is




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