Marvel: return of Iron Man 2020?


Published on Dec 31, 2018


Iron Man 2020 appeared for the first time in the second issue of the mini-series Machine Man 1984, created by Tom Defalcation and Herb Trimpe. His secret identity was that of Arno Stark, originally the likely cousin of another timeline of Tony Stark, and he was the villain.

It was reintroduced by Kieron Gillen in the role of the foster brother of Tony Stark, the true son of Howard and Maria Stark, and his role in comics has been expanded in recent numbers of the Tony Stark: Iron Man by Dan Slott, taking away an entire roll.

The 2019 is at the door and 2020 is therefore closer. In the new Marvel Previews of some comics arrived today, is shown in this teaser.

“2020 approaches”. These are the words which are carried over from the teaser, referring both to the year 2020 approaches, both to Iron Man 2020. There are more information around what might happen to Tony, continue to follow the series, Tony Stark: Iron Man and we will update you on upcoming developments.


Marvel: return of Iron Man 2020? is




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