Marvel relaunches Valkyrie with a new protagonist


Published on Apr 18, 2019


Why, in reality, is revealed in the second issue of the crossover War of the Realms, so if you don't want spoilers, avoid going over.


Bleeding Cool has revealed how in the series the Uncanny X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and War of the Realms, in fact, there were a lot of dead excellent, including that of Valkyrie. Then, of course, given that it may not be the protagonist of a new series, which means that in need of a replacement, and Jane Foster is ready to take on this new role.

As explained by Ewing in an interview on “at The end of the WAR OF THE REALMS #2), the Valkyries are dead. And the Valhalla is gone. Because without at least a warrior that takes on this role, and the name of the Valkyries, there can be no Valhalla. But, of course, the fact that we have a new comic that comes out is going to mean that someone takes this burden... and is someone that many readers have waited to long to see them again in action – Jane Foster!”

But Ewing says that the old Valkyrie will not disappear completely from the scene: “it's Not like the old Valkyrie. Brunhilde will be available occasionally to be consulted, but no longer belongs to the world of the living – then Jane is for the most part alone. That said, it has something that has never been seen in the world of Asgard – UNDRJARN THE ALL-WEAPON, forged among the fires of War that can change shape and be anything – even wings! Which does not necessarily mean that there won't be a flying horse, but I'm anticipating it too...

And describes what fans will find in the comic: “There is a joke in VALKYRIE #1: “Thor is a god, and the Valkyrie is a job”. Jane knows how to be Thor, but the role of a Valkyrie – a warrior that fights for the living and the dead, and stands between both – it's a very different thing. It is a sacred duty, and involves other skills and responsibilities. As the first of a new generation of Valkyries, Jane must decide for herself what this means for this task, and this is an important part of what we will explore in this series”.

Marvel relaunches Valkyrie with a new protagonist is




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