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Published on Dec 31, 2017


Directly from the official website of the House of Ideas, writer Peter Milligan will present the new project Legion, dedicated to the son of Charles Xavier, the mutant David Haller.

The other, built in pair with the artist Wilfredo Torres will see David is forced to clash with a new and daring personality, being then to fight against an enemy really dangerous for himself.”

Remember that writer Peter Milligan has worked in the past on heads “mutant” non-traditional, like the series X-Statix of the early 2000s. Below is his words.

“David Haller, as the group X-Statix, is another superhero, not conventional. It is a bit of an exaggeration to call her a hero. However, I have found myself drawn to the rich inner world and the folly of David. When a man is so full of personality, alternatives such as Legion, it is difficult to identify exactly who it is and what it really is. And this is great for a writer because it gives you a certain degree of freedom and space to put your stamp on the character and on the story.”

“At the beginning of this story we find David in a bad psychological situation, even for her standards that are not “normal”. The character is on the verge of a mental crisis caused by the alternation of these multiple personality”

Small parenthesis on the relationship between the comic series and the tv series on FX Legion, which was received very well by critics and audiences and that has brought the character of David under the spotlight in the recent period: ” The television show has changed the way I approached the character. You may have only changed the way readers have approached to the character, but they will discover that the comic will have some differences with the David of television.”

“Wilfredo Torres was very good at understanding what I was trying to make and tell with this story. In a story like this, where there is a lot of “madness” it is very important that the design takes into anchored the reader in the reality. This was achieved thanks to Wilfredo. Also has a nice light touch which I like, because it is in opposition to a very well outlined, and the potential disintegration of a mind, and a person”

Finally, the author addresses the readers: “Join me as we embark on a journey into the mind of a madman...”



Marvel, Peter Milligan presents Legion of




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