Marvel: Patrick Gleason can draw Amazing Spider-Man


Published on May 05, 2019


On his Twitter profile, in fact, Patrick Gleason informed his fans about his new assignment for Marvel Comics:

JUST ANNOUNCED! I have signed exclusive with @Marvel and, among other things, will be the new artist on Amazing Spider-Man! Stay tuned for more!

— Patrick Gleason (@patrick_gleason) May 5, 2019

Gleason, therefore, will be a new artist exclusively for the House of Ideas and, among the many projects that see him involved, there is also the Amazing Spider-Man, of which, therefore, will be the new designer.

Patrick Gleason has behind him a career as a designer that not many can boast of, having already worked for the three largest publishers of comics in the USA, or DC Comics, Image Comics and Marvel Comics.

For DC Comics he has worked on Green Lantern Corps, Aquaman, the crossover Brightest Day and JSA. The Image has contributed to Noble Causes (the comic strip that has seen several designers involved in the project, including Gleason); for Marvel Comics, he is best remembered for X-Men Unlimited.

Now, however, Gleason will be engaged on the most famous Marvel character, Spider-Man, but surely, as he himself anticipated, we will see him involved in many other projects, including, perhaps, a return in the universe of the X-Men.

Marvel: Patrick Gleason can draw Amazing Spider-Man is




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