Marvel – news and closures February 2019: return to the Cyclops and Daredevil


Published on Nov 24, 2018


Now that previews have been published, we have analyzed to get all the information hidden inside. Here's what we can deduce from the advances of Marvel for February 2019.

It seems that the numbering “Legacy” of Marvel Avengers will continue with the mini-series “Avengers: No Road Home”. A spiritual sequel to “Avengers: No Surrender”, the story of the weekly published at the head of the Avengers at the beginning of this year and marked the return of the title to its original page numbers, “No Road Home” will be presented in the numbers #708-718, how returns co-writer Jim Zub on Twitter.

Zub says that the main heading of the Avengers, which will continue in parallel with “No Road Home”, it will jump ten numbers in his “index Legacy”.

An adventure that will lead the seven team members of the Avengers, with some extraordinary added as Rocket Raccoon, against the Children of Nyx.

Avengers: No Road Home #1-3 (#708-710) written by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Mark Waid, drawn by Paco Medina with the covers of Yasmine Putri in February 2019.

With regard to the main heading, Avengers #700 has the following Blade in the Marvel Universe and in the Avengers, with Janet Van Dyne, who has led the Slayer out of the Castle of Dracula. It seems that the ramifications of what we have seen will take place from Avengers #14-15 of February, which gives way to an arc entitled “War of the Vampires”.


Marvel – news and closures February 2019: return to the Cyclops and Daredevil is




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