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Published on Mar 13, 2018


“I had absolutely no idea that I was going to switch from Spider-Man to Iron Man. [Laughs] once you know that Brian [Bendis] would be leaving for DC Comics, the first thing I said was “It's a shame that we are losing. I wish him the best in DC.” Then the next thing I said was “I WANT IRON MAN!” I was the first vulture to pick the carcass. [Laughs]

They asked me: “What would you take on Iron Man?” I was like, “cutting-edge Technology, Robert Downey Jr. in the armor. Except that in reality, we are telling stories to the Black Mirror.” And to them,” DONE! Is your.”

Axel Alonso has approved it. I was then told that if he would leave him also, but I was happy to see C. B. Cebulski to get. C. B. had not heard of the issue of the style of the Black Mirror. So he gave me the freedom to proceed, “Okay, it's Robert Downey Jr. in the balance between the Black Mirror and Rick and honor of his wedding.” Then whatever is in the area between the Black Mirror and Rick and honor of his wedding can go well. Complicated concepts, science-fiction, but that pendulum can swing in many ways: funny, vulgar, dark, disturbing, and sometimes all four.”



Dan has written a Peter Parker very scientific, also thanks to the transition to Superior Spider-Man with Doctor Octopus in the role of Peter. Now he is writing another man of science, Tony Stark, but we also know that he loves characters like Reed Richards or Hank Pym, who has used in Mighty Avengers.

“When you think about the DC characters are very iconic and you immediately think of the hero. While when you think about the characters of Marvel comics, for the most part of the time you first think about the person behind the mask, the person. And in any good superhero story is always the person who wins, despite the powers and all the traps. It is always the character, its strengths and weaknesses that drive the story, and have a character who is smart and using your head is always much more attractive to a narrator.

There is an additional advantage with characters like Iron Man that is both intelligent but also has a lot of flaws. It's always more fun to write characters imperfect, and the characters smart. Tony has many more flaws of Peter. Oh, that ego! That swagger! It will be a lot of fun!”



According to the author the direction of a story is dictated by the character itself, but with Spider-Man or Iron Man, the directions are many.

“Can go anywhere, but much like, for example, the Silver Surfer, is the character who sets the tone and the story. Most of where we want to go us.

When I was growing up, everyone knew that Clark Kent was Superman, Batman was Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker was Spider-Man. It was quite common to know. This changed drastically after ten years of Marvel Studios! All over the world, everyone knows that Iron Man is Tony Stark. It is a character so full for all. People like Tony how much he likes the elements Iron Man or supereroistici.

So, when they asked me how I wanted to call the book, I said that I wanted to be called Tony Stark: Iron Man. This is our title. He is not Invincible, Irredemibile or any other adjective. Is Tony Stark: Iron Man.”



In ten years the characters of Iron Man have expanded and are totally changed. In fact, in addition to presenting hundreds of different armor, and the return of Tony Stark as the only Iron-Man, writer Dan Slott and artist Valerio Schiti will expand the supporting cast of the hero holder.

Not only the pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man will be populated with new characters, at least two familiar faces will be part of the plans Slott and Schiti: Jocasta and Bethany Cabe.

Jocasta was introduced in 1963, created by Ultron to be his bride. Quickly she turned to her aspiring husband, choosing to give value to human life rather than destroy it, and became a member of the Avengers. Bethany Cabe was introduced for the first time in 1968 as a love interest of Tony Stark, but he was also a fighter and a body guard. Dan has discussed the characters with the CBR, but it was Marvel to provide the images that we are presenting.

“It's fantastic! After ten years dedicated to a character and his supporting cast, it's so much fun going in and having all the new toys. And the other part of this is that it will be great to create new characters and concepts to the world of Iron Man! And wait till you see what is preparing Valerio Schiti for all of them!”

The design and character work that he is doing are really wonderful, this work is really stunning! The way he draws the characters and the technology, I can't imagine no one else that can do it. He's really bringing his best. I can't wait people to see all this in action!

One of the things that we're doing in the comics is that for the most part there is no armor set of Iron Man. If you're Tony Stark, you can build what you want. Then why not get a suit different to the several problems that you are facing? We will have a suit? Yes, because it must appear in the Avengers and have a consistent look and feel. But when you're Tony Stark: Iron Man, Valerio will have the full freedom to go crazy with all kinds of new armor! We are taking this basket of toys and we have decided that it is not big enough! We are building extensions!”

And in fact, here is a gallery with nine of the hundreds of armor that Valerio Schiti is building for the series.

Tony Stark: Iron Man will arrive in June 2018, by the creative team of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti, with covers by Alexander Lozano.

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