Marvel: Moon Knight meets Conan in the Serpent War


Published on Sep 16, 2019


This December, Marvel launches Conan: the Serpent War, a miniseries that will not only the characters of Howard, as Conan, Solomon Kane and Black Agnes together, but will also be involved Moon Knight, the next protagonist of the Marvel TV series, the namesake for the Disney+.

The four issues of the miniseries which will see a story with different time travel will be written by Jim Zub with art by Scot Eaton, Stephen Segovia, and others.

“Serpent War is an epic, intricate and cross-dimensional, which brings together legendary characters from the mind of Robert E. Howard, with a little bit of insanity, Marvel added to counterbalance,” said Zub to, which announced the mini-series. “The story I told in [Savage Sword of Conan was a simple tale of sword & sorcery. This is great, ambitious, adventurous, and on a stage more spacious. I hope that Serpent War involving the fans of Conan for a long time and bring also new readers on board to understand what is causing all the excitement.”

“As many of the superhero comics that I write, Serpent War has deep ties with the stories of Marvel's past and advances the ball thinking about the continuity, but also has all the necessary pieces to new readers to climb on board,” said Zub. “At the end of the Serpent War, Moon Knight and other characters will be altered in ways that are crucial, and this will certainly have an effect in the future. In addition to saying this, I don't want to be too heavy-handed.”

Solomon Kane is a puritan of the end of XVI – the beginning of the SEVENTEENTH century who roams the world without any apparent purpose if not to defeat evil in all its forms. His adventures, published mostly in the pulp magazine Weird Tales, the often bring in from Europe in the jungles of Africa and back.

Dark Agnes de Chastillon was the protagonist of three stories set in the France of the SIXTEENTH century, which were not printed until long after the author's death. Agnes was beaten by her father and almost forced into an arranged marriage. Unable to avoid it only by killing the bridegroom and running away. She meets Etienne Villiers, who initially tries to sell her to a brothel, and Guiscard de Clisson, a mercenary captain who trains as a knife fighter. When de Clisson, is murdered, Agnes travels to Italy with Villiers.

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