Marvel – mini-Series on Quicksilver, Avengers of Pichelli and the future series on the Thor and Ghost Rider


Published on Feb 22, 2018


Will be the current writer of Black Bolt, Saladin Ahmed, to write the mini-series of Quicksilver, and will be accompanied by the artist Eric Nguyen.

Quicksilver: No Surrender, see Pietro Maximoff was trapped in a “frozen world” where time seems to stand still – soon will not be alone and will have to face a looming threat.

“This is a true love letter to Peter”, said Ahmed to the site CBR. “[...] I have become rather addicted to the character thanks to this mini. I dug inside of him, his past, his mentality and how he sees himself in the world.”

Also it was announced that, surprisingly, the first albetto of the Free Comic Book Day in 2018. Will “Avengers” with Jason Aaron to the texts, and the Italian Sara Pichelli to the drawings. In Italy we have it between our hands thanks to Panini Comics during the third Free Comic Book Day publishing house in December 2018.

After the Marvel Legacy and Avengers has become evident that the main architect of the Marvel universe both Jason Aaron, whom we will see in the short the end of his last series: The Mighty Thor starring dr. Jane Foster. With his last cycle on the character it is evident that Jane, who is sick of cancer, will face his last enemy in his last battle. But what will happen after? Jason has said several times that this cycle will not be his last story on the Thor, and in fact, will reprise the character on the set of “Avengers” but among the solicitations May check to surprise the special “Mighty Thor " Gates of Valhalla #1“.

The LAST GOODBYE! “The Death of the Mighty Thor” has arrived and it is concluded. But the strength of Jane Foster help you move forward – even in the far future! Don't miss the tribute to the epic story of Jason Aaron's Thor and the mighty hammer Mjolnir, that was designed by rising star Jen Bartel! And with or without a Thor, the War of the Kingdoms continues. As the power of Malekith grows, the kingdoms will fall and who is left to stop him? The artist, winner of the Eisner award, Ramón Pérez, gives way to the next stage in the saga of Jason Aaron.

This one-shot might be a prologue to a new series of Thor with Aaron always to the texts and Pérez to the drawings?

For the last we can embark on more speculation but this time we examine the other protagonist of these days, along with Jason Aaron, the author of revelation of 2017: Donny Cates. To the young writer, after Doctor Strange, and Thanos has been entrusted with the relaunch of Venom. But the website Bleeding Cool reminded us that after the crossover Doctor Strange: Damnation, Donny will leave the series. And makes us also note that in the solicitations May not have the number of Thanos. This, added to the fact that different rumor about a spin-off of the series Thanos, starring the Ghost Rider of the future had already been, makes us think that a series could actually be in the plans of Marvel Comics.


Marvel – mini-Series on Quicksilver, Avengers of Pichelli and the future series on the Thor and Ghost Rider is




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