Marvel, Jonathan Hickman and Priest to work?


Published on Jan 30, 2018


From a creative point of view the situation in the house of Marvel is very fluid. This is testified by the numerous closures, official and alleged, of many series in the last few weeks, in addition to a series of changes of creative teams, which should boost definitively to the proposal from the House of Ideas, among which can be reported in the arrival of Dan Slott on Iron Man in place of Brian M. Bendis.

Last week, meanwhile, held a creative summit that is a pickup between the editor and the writers and designers to share ideas and decide on the guidelines for the narrative and for the foreseeable future under the careful guidance of the new editor-in-chief C. B. Cebulski, and especially Joe Quesada.

Present, obviously, the new writers exclusive, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Margaret Stohl, but also some welcome returns as Skottie Young for example.

But what has attracted the attention of fans were these two photos:

Christopher Priest, @DanSlott, and myself at dinner discussing our legendary, character-defining runs on books.
#BlackPanther #SpiderMan #TheTimeIMadeItContinuityThatTheXmendonteatalotofcake

Photo courtesy of the great @GerryDuggan

— Matthew Rosenberg (@AshcanPress) January 28, 2018

In the first there is a smiling Priest. Even if the legendary author of the Black Panther is currently involved with the DC Comics – Deathstroke and the Justice League up in April – would have been invited by Joe Quesada at the meeting to provide his contribution to the “next” Marvel.

In the second appears a hair-Jonathan Hickman. The acclaimed author is about to return to Marvel?

If the first could easily break free from the DC, the second, instead, has always made clear his intention not to tie himself exclusively, and on long projects, no publishing house evaluating in recent months, a series of offerings from DC.

However, this picture would not leave space to doubts: Hickman is ready to go back to Marvel but which series?


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