Marvel – Infinity Wars: the trailer reveals the first victim of Requiem


Published on Jul 29, 2018



Marvel Comics has released a new trailer for its latest event, Infinity Wars. The video shows the writer of the series, Gerry Duggan, editor Jordan D. White Editor-In-Chief of Marvel comics, C. B. Cebulski, who speak of the death shocking of Thanos for the hand of the mysterious character, Requiem, Infinity Wars First #1, and together explain how the series will propose the mashup of the characters in the series spinoff, Infinity Warps.

White does start the trailer with three words that many fans would never have thought to hear: “Thanos is dead.” From there, the trailer starts to show the last few pages of Infinity Wars First #1 as Requiem size the head to Thanos, and how it reduces the body of the Titan Crazy in small pieces. “We have said to the fans that this is the summer of secrets,” said Cebulski. “And if you didn't believe us before, after Infinity Wars First, you absolutely have to do it.”

“I have not shown the death of [Thanos] lightly,” added Duggan. “It is an integral part of the story of Infinity Wars. Have you seen all of Thanos with the Gauntlet [of the Infinite], but this is a new story.”

Duggan would have also compared the first act of the Infinity Wars to The Warriors, with each group possessed one of the six Gems of the Infinity: Adam Warlock has the Gem of the Soul; Captain Marvel possesses the Gem of Reality; the criminal urban, Turk Barrett, the Gem of the Mind; Drax is the guardian of the Gem of Power, and Doctor Strange has the Gem of Time; and Black Widow has been given the Gem of the Space to be a Wolverine risen.

We also learn more details regarding Infinity Warps, which takes the different heroes from throughout the Marvel universe and combines them into new characters. According to White, every character in the Marvel Universe will take part in the Infinity Warps. “In Infinity Wars #3, we create something called Infinity Warps. All the characters of the Marvel Universe are mixed together in these new characters, “ White said. “Iron Man, and Thor are united into a Iron Hammer. Spider-Man and Moon Knight become Arachknight. ”

Finally, the most important question for Infinity Wars is the identity of the assassin of Thanos, Requiem. What will Requiem with the Gems?infinite? Of course, a couple of different theories have emerged about who is behind the armor of Requiem. The list of suspects ranges from the adopted children of Thanos, Nature, and Nebula, Terraxia (the lover of the deceased Thanos, and Phyla-Vell (the former Captain Marvel and Quasar). As it is, Requiem has done a take off with a bang Infinity Wars, assassinating Thanos.

Marvel – Infinity Wars: the trailer reveals the first victim of the Requiem is




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