Marvel – Infinity Wars: Requiem reveals himself, and makes another surprising victim


Published on Aug 02, 2018


To find out who you are and what your goals are, read on.


With all six Gems of the Infinity now reunited, the doctor Strange recalls a meeting of the new Infinity Watch – the owners of the stones. Peter Quill argues with Nature to go to a meeting. The latter, however, would prefer to use the Gem's Power to take possession of the Gem of the Soul and free the part of his soul still trapped there. She and Quill kiss, before breaking up.

At the meeting, the group discusses what you should do with the Gems to protect them from Thanos, Strange, and Captain Marvel use the Gems of Reality and Time to search for the Titan Crazy. They find him beheaded and following the events of Infinity Wars First # 1), the group immediately begins to plan their next steps.

Seeing an opportunity, Turk Barrett, the criminal who holds the Gem of the Mind, reveals that he know that the Gem of Power owned by Peter Quill is a fake. Shocked, the group asks Barrett if he can reveal where is the real one, thanks to the power of the Gemstone of the Mind. After a melee among the heroes gathered there and the army of the Barrett's of criminals in serie B, he says “On”.

At this point, arrives the Requiem wielding the Gem of Power into the hilt of his sword. Requires the gems, saying that I would like to seize it by force. Nevertheless begins a fight with a Rocket that blows up the mask of Requiem revealing his identity: is Nature, who stole the Gem of Power at the Quill before leaving at the beginning of the register. Standing, face-to-face with Peter Quill, Nature requires the gems. Quill refuses, saying “I don't kill it”. “Nothing ever dies, Peter,” answers Nature – right before impalarlo on his sword.

The story continues on Infinity Wars #2, on the shelves of comics stores american from the 15th of August.


Marvel – Infinity Wars: Requiem reveals himself, and makes another surprising victim of




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