Marvel: Hickman will write the House of X and Powers of X


Published on Mar 23, 2019


The House of X and Powers of X are the two titles which will Hickman, together with, respectively, Pepe Larraz, and R. B. Silva, Marte Gracia will instead focus on color.

The two titles they have, however, a substantial difference in the two X. The first, House of X, take X from the classic titles of the X-Men while Powers of X take the X from the roman numbers, indicating the number 10. The characters may be present, but also come from the past or from the future.

“Jonathan has done an amazing job on the Avengers, FF, Secret Wars, and we knew we could trust him with this project.” said C. B. Cebulski.

“As usual, we will give you too much information. Let me say that we have plans radical, really radical for all of you. I grew up mainly as a boy of DC Comics, the only series that I read Marvel Comics growing up was just the title of the X-Men. All the series that I've done in the Marvel up to this moment, they were fantastic designs – but they were only projects. This is the first series that I've loved before to start it.” These are the first statements of the author.

“Probably have never been more proud of anything I've worked on before. I think that all of you will be rather enhanced. We are doing several things radical. The two series that you'll have to read both to stay in step, but there is a good reason for this.”

Below is shown a logo completely new X-Men, designed by Hickman himself, and was shown the promotional image made by Mark Brooks.



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