Marvel has Thanos: The Infinity Conflict of This & Davis


Published on Mar 23, 2018


Thanos will be the great protagonist of the next film of the Marvel Studios – Avengers Infinity War – and the Marvel is pushing a lot of character already for several months with a series of regular entrusted to authors of the caliber of Jeff Lemire and Donny Cates, and, above all, a series of graphic novel signed by the creator of the character Jim on This.

The publishing house has decided to publish in the coming November, the second of the three graphic novel planned by the author even though the latter has severed relations with you as a result of a controversy waged months ago from the plot of the current regular series is very similar in his opinion to that of this work.

In Thanos: The Infinity Conflict the Titan Crazy, will face a future release. This will, as always, assisted with pencils by veteran Alan Davis. We don't know if the third and final graphic novel will see the light.

Here's the three tables in the preview and the synopsis of the original:

Part of the second trilogy of This and Davis’ Thanos saga, INFINITY, CONFLICT takes the Mad Titan on an epic, wild adventure – and brings Adam Warlock along for the ride! Armed with the Reality Gem, Thanos is now poised to become the lord of all reality, until he learns that his troublesome brother and time travel aren't the only things that stand in the way of claiming his powerful reign.

Who stands against Thanos in this dramatic rebellion? The answer may surprise you...

Marvel has Thanos: The Infinity Conflict of This & Davis is




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