Marvel: Empyre, Spider-Man and White Widow among the novelties of June 2020


Published on Mar 24, 2020


Are online the first advances, and details on the titles Marvel planned for the month of June, but what are the main events?

With the advent of the summer season, some of the projects they are preparing to their natural conclusion, starting from Empyre. But the action will not remain relegated to a crossover between the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, big plans for Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man and much more, in the meantime, the Avengers are in the midst of the long-awaited arc of Moon Knight.

As usual, we have collected some of the ads that are more relevant to the editorial line of Marvel in the month of June. Let's discover together what will be the main titles!

Two series planned for June to speak of enormous changes for the Marvel Universe, or at least until the end of their respective stories.

In Avengers #35 Moon Knight will succeed in the mission to conquer the whole world, to rebuild it according to the image of Khonshu, in the meantime, the Avengers are on the run in New Thebes City.

While Iron Man 2020 #6, the final issue of the mini-series, Arno Stark speaks of “the end of all human life and artificial as we know it.” On the Savage Avengers #14-two new characters will be joining the team: the Phenomenon and the Black Knight. Both will have important roles in the course of this month, with the Phenomenon that it will fight the Hulk in his series alone, while the Black Knight will also appear in Empyre: Avengers #3.

Continue to Miles Morales and Thor.

The life of Miles Morales will take a turn for the shocking when you will have to face his counterpart in the Marvel Universe the original (Earth-616), the guy is in fact from the Universe Ultimate (Earth-1610).

In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19, Miles will meet with a mysterious individual with his same face, we are perhaps facing a new saga of the clone?

The new run of Thor continues his run, and in #7, the god of thunder is having serious problems in lifting the Mjolnir. But in the tie-in Empyre: Thor #2, Odinson will meet a “new god” who, on the contrary, it will have no difficulty in lifting the magical hammer.

Go for Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man.

In the new revival of the Black Widow, Natasha had withdrawn from his activities and prosthetics to live a more peaceful life at the side of a mysterious boyfriend. But in Black Widow #3 will be a bride, perhaps for this reason it will take the code name “White Widow”.

Amazing Spider-Man has been relaunched several times, but the cylinder head takes to go back to numbering the classic as had happened in the past during “Marvel's Legacy”.

In June will come out to the #47 and #48, which anticipated the July issue will be Amazing Spider-Man LGY #850 (where we assume that LGY is to indicate “Legacy”). The head could use permanently the original page numbers, or it could simply be a special number, and continue with the modern numbering from #50.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are back together after ten years of separation due to the intervention of Mephisto, but it would seem that the alliance of Kree/Skrull will interfere once again with their history.

In Empyre: Spider-Man #3 the rumors speak for themselves, Peter will have to make a sacrifice during the war will change his relationship with MJ.

Continue to Ghost Rider, Captain America.

Vengeance (Michael Badilino) returns to visit the Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider Annual #1 returning from the depths of hell once again.

In the same way, the previews for Captain America #23, speak of the return of the greatest enemy of Captain America, all followed by the word “Resurrection” might be Red Skull back from the dead?

Continue to Empyre.

Empyre sees in the center of the story and the alliance Kree/Skrull and what happens when the two villains of the Marvel Universe join forces? The details of Empyre #4 is talking about a invasion in the Coupled and the heroes will have to deal with “enemies and their allies,” as someone on your team has them betrayed.

This betrayal may have consequences shocking and we already had the clues to what will happen after.

In Empyre #5, one of the heroes of the Earth to reveal a great secret, but given that the cover of the above issue, we are Wiccan and Hulkling together, it is possible that Wiccans themselves hiding something all the time? Could be him, the traitor?

Marvel: Empyre, Spider-Man and the White Widow one of the new features of the June 2020, is




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