Marvel: Daredevil gets to #600 with the departure of Ron Garney


Published on Feb 09, 2018


Comes via Twitter, the announcement of the conclusion of the work of Ron Garney on Daredevil. And’ himself to communicate it via a tweet on his personal profile:

Goodbye Daredevil. Finished my last issue today. Thanks @CharlesSoule et al for the great laughs #Daredevil #illustration #Marvel #NOIR

— Ron Garney (@RonGarney) February 7, 2018

In the comments Garney refers to the designer of Deadpool vs Old Man Logan, Mike Henderson, as bests its successor, but still nothing is official.


In the meantime, instead Charles Soule, on the pages of CBR, answers some questions on the way that will bring the series to the historic issue #600.

In the course of the years, Daredevil has fought a lot of dangerous enemies, but the opponent more implacable hero, the blind Marvel Comics has always been Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin of crime in New York. Recently, however, Fisk has traded his place on the throne of the criminal world for something even more powerful: the legitimate authority. Did the electoral campaign for the political office with the highest New York City: the Mayor. He won, and now Soule and his collaborators in art are writing the story arc “Mayor Fisk“.

Fisk has immediately declared out of the law all of the vigilantes, including Daredevil, and has hired Matt Murdock as a lawyer. Things are made even more chaotic when, in issue #597, we came to know that the criminal and inhuman Muse has escaped from prison.

Charles Soule: “One of the most fun things in the dynamic between Daredevil/Kingpin is that both are convinced to be smarter than the other. Then their decisions are taken on the basis of this idea, which, however, do not always find confirmation. This change was designed to put them in close proximity to one another, to bring Murdock in the town hall and to amplify the gap between the cat-and-mouse between them.“

“Wesley is a character who knows exactly who the person they are working for, and that there is no illusion on the possibility that Fisk is good. Simply, he appreciates the fact of being at the service of a man that gets results. I think I feel a little proud that the Fisk trust him to perform the most complex tasks. Much of this is in my head, and I still put on the page, but it is always a good to know what is the mindset of a character, that is behind his actions.”

“Muse is a character great because it is an agent of chaos, completely unpredictable. You never know what's going to do or why, but only that she loves her art and that she has the habit of either frightening and disturbing and we know that is willing to do horrible things to whoever gets on its way. Now it is free for the city and it is a problem to solve, both for Matt and for the Kingpin, even if they have different perspectives. Muse has an important role in general, and put him back in the scene allows me to make plots of the fundamental.”

“It is directly responsible for the death of the mother of Blindspot and for all the pain that he had to go in China. Go into more details in future issues. Muse is back in the scene it will certainly be a great deal to manage for the young and shocked the character directly.”

“There will be dancing in the fate of the entire New York and from many points of view. Kingpin and Daredevil playing their game of chess, but there are millions of people who will suffer the consequences. I am very happy with the way the row of the story you are weaving: this is the story that I always wanted to tell. From here on the number #600, expect a lot of familiar faces as well as a ride steady until the day, where we will see happen, big things, that will involve a lot of characters and heroes, in the style of Marvel, with the center of the conflict between Fisk and Murdock.“

Marvel: Daredevil gets to #600 with the departure of Ron Garney is




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