Marvel – Daredevil: Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto speak of the series


Published on Dec 05, 2018


Daredevil will return in a new run and with a new creative team in February 2019. The writer Chip Zdarsky will collaborate with artist Marco Checchetto for the new series DAREDEVIL, which will follow the mini-series of five numbers, MAN WITHOUT FEAR, written by Jed MacKay and designed by Danilo Beyruth, arriving in January. spoke with Zdarsky and Checchetto to get some information on what they have in store for Matt Murdock, the alter ego and the city that they protect.

M: “At the end of the run of Charles Soule, who is called “The Death of Daredevil”, a battered, Matt Murdock is very close to death. What comes to your mind when you build the story of someone who comes back from an experience like this?”

Chip Zdarsky: “things may not be as simple as usual, no matter how much Matt wants that they are. It came into my mind from my first conversation with Charles about the series. The character has experienced a lot over the years, but I think that “The Death of Daredevil” will be a true moment of “ascent to God” for Matt. What it will look like? What it will become?

This series will bring to the surface the great questions and the answers you will find in strange places.”

M: “DAREDEVIL started out as a fun comic book adventure when Stan Lee wrote the first set of numbers. Since its debut in 1964, the character and the history have undergone important changes in tone, becoming dirty and dark, but still giving Matt/DD the opportunity to have a sense of humor every once in a while. In that way your next story arc will paint the man without fear and the city that protects it?”

CZ: “he's trying to put himself to the test. If he will be able or not to return to work. I have always loved the various footage tone of DAREDEVIL, but for this run, I decided to deeply understand the dimension of being a vigilante in this world. Among all the major superheroes, Daredevil is very well suited to this type of narrative analysis. I do not care to see the dimension, and the Fantastic Four (even if I want to remember how much I loved Unstable Molecules. The exception that proves the rule!), but I love the idea of seeing a dimension to the DAREDEVIL.”

M: “at The end of DAREDEVIL #612, Matt considers the endless cycle of fighting. What seems to you a win for Daredevil, and it's something that the concederesti never while you're managing his story?”

CZ: “my run is focused very much on that cycle particular. Honestly, Charles, and I knew all of the stories of the other while we were writing, so there is a continuity, well defined, between the two in terms of themes. It is rather intimidating to continue the series, but I is now delivering several large gifts, as the Mayor Fisk, who is a character that I will be exploring really.”

M: “What was your collaborative process with Marco Checchetto? What kind of direction you gave in your screenplays?”

CZ: “Oh, Marco is incredible. It is really passed on OLD HAWK EYE, one of the best series of the last year, and that is somehow better on DAREDEVIL! Is extremely dedicated as an artist and, when his pages started coming in, I'm even more excited when I write the script, imagining how wonderfully he will.”

M: “Since you are also a designer/illustrator, it is always a challenge to leave the pencil to someone else, or “help the collaboration speak the same language” of a designer?”

CZ: “Both? I can not display the page when I'm writing, but I try to delete it from my head immediately after so you can see the art work coming up with new eyes. Guys like Marco are excellent storyteller, so I'm almost always pleasantly surprised when they arrive the pages.

I think that artists love my scripts? I try not to bug you with too many directives, but when I do this type of notes, I hope to be an artist myself helps me to transmit them better.”

M: “Matt Murdock has been subjected to a lot of torture – in which other way can be tested at this point?”

CZ: “Oh, you'll see.”

M: “You have drawn urban heroes, including Daredevil, and cosmic. Where do you feel most at home as an artist?”

Marco Checchetto: “Hello! My favorite characters are Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher, and then my home are absolutely the urban heroes, but sometimes I like to work on different series. I am a Marvel Zombie. There are many series in which I'd like to do something, such as Thor or Wolverine.”

M: “do you Think there is a darkness inherent in the design of Daredevil and the city of New York?”

MC: “it's been five or six years since I've worked on a series of urban. In five years I changed my style and I can't wait to draw scenes from the dark as these instead of the space environments, the sparkling and shining of Star Wars, and NATURE.

New York is the most significant character of the series after Matt. I think that it is important to show the relationship the dark between Daredevil and the city. I hope I do a good job in this sense. Daredevil and Spider-Man are the symbols of New York.”

M: “How is it to collaborate with the writer Chip Zdarsky (who is a designer in the full title)?”

MC: “I fell immediately in love of the script of the Chip. It is in the pure style of Daredevil. We love the same stories and characters and we have a similar vision for this series, like the appearance of Matt and his costume, for example, or the layout of the page. I like his narration, it is very easy to work on his screenplays, everything is perfect and measured. It is a joy when you get to work with writers like him. The fact that it is also a designer can help you find some visual idea. Chip has done the first teaser of the series, for example.”

M: “What is more compelling to draw action scenes or scenes a more quiet and introspective? Where you feel that you have more creative freedom?”

MC: “I like to draw both times, and I have a total freedom when working with Marvel. It's fantastic when I can draw a Daredevil sad, sitting on top of a tank or in the middle of a fight... it's less fun when I have to draw of lawyers in their offices. [Laughs]”

M: “What kind of scenes can you tell us of the next run?”

MC: “I don't know if I can say something about it. I can say that designing the first splash page with Daredevil in action gave me the creeps.”

DAREDEVIL #1 written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Marco Checchetto, will be available in February 2019.

Marvel – Daredevil: Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto speak of the series of




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