Marvel confirmed the new series on Ghost Rider, galactic and Man Multiple


Published on Feb 27, 2018


The series about Jamie Madrox, the Man of Multiple, will make its debut this summer in July and it will be Matthew Rosenberg (Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) with art by Andy MacDonald.

“Yes, Jamie is very dead,” says Rosenberg ComicBook. “Has been killed by the Mists Terrigenous, and all of his copies died with him. But our comic starts with someone who is, Jamie is not dead. [...] the mystery of why it died and how to save himself is the great driving force of history.”

“As far as Layla [Miller, the wife of Madrox], is not present,” says Rosenberg. “We are focusing on Jamie for now and put it back on the table before we can put them back together... always if them riavremo together. But some of the other characters of the X-Factor are about to appear. I'm using a lot of them in my series " New Mutants (advertising is shameless) so I had to ask a lot of permission to enter them. And this is really all about. Do not ask for more.”


With regard to the series on the Ghost Rider, is that if he had not spoken to ComicsPRO, announcing as a writer, your Donny Cates. Thanks to Newsarama, we can show you a teaser image of Mike Deodato, Jr.

The story of how Frank Castle became the Ghost Rider will be revealed in issue #16 of Thanos, out this week.

Marvel confirmed the new series on Ghost Rider, galactic and Man the Multiple is




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