Marvel comics – The fury of Mangog is unleashed on the Mighty Thor #703!


Published on Jan 01, 2018


On the official website of the House of Ideas, artist Russell Dauterman has introduced the Mighty Thor #703 cartoon in which you will see unleashed the fury of the ferocissimo Mangog, the powerful monster created by Jack Kirby that would be the personification of “the hatred of billions of beings” to Asgard and The norse gods. Recall that the storyarc of the series will also be decisive for the fate of Jane Foster, the mighty Thor, whose situation appears hopeless. Here are the words of Dauterman.

“I love the design of Mangog that Jack Kirby (below photo) had created, it was so strange and unnerving: was it really mosturoso and “foreign” to what we know. The proportions make it the monster of a stature almost otherworldly, I especially like the mouth and the teeth...”

“I wanted to maintain the original design of Kirby in my story, but update it by giving it a more “visceral”. It is a monster spawned by hatred and anger, and while he fights it must transmit all of these emotions. I have made some elements of the character that is more “organic”.

“The scenes in which Mangog is engaged in combat, have a character quite brutal. Mangog is more ferocious than ever, and this has given me the opportunity to draw on the tables wild, and with a savage fury...”

“The writer, Jason Aaron has characterized a Mangog really furious and bloody: perhaps the most brutal and violent foe of Thor in the last few years. I'm trying to represent this to be rampant through my art”

The Mighty Thor #703 will be released on the 17th of January in the USA and will be the work of Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman.

Marvel comics – The fury of Mangog is unleashed on the Mighty Thor #703! is




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