Marvel comics – First appearance of Red Goblins-and-new costumes for the Fantastic Four


Published on Mar 20, 2018


The owner of a comic book store the american has confirmed through Twitter that the Amazing Spider-Man #798 will show the long-awaited new enemy of Spider-Man, the Red Goblin. It will be his first appearance with the full effect.

For anyone that likes to big on these things, Marvel confirmed to us that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 is the first full appearance of Red Goblins. We're taking orders for another few hours, let us know how many you want and what covers (also a Ramos Connecting the cover).

— Ryan Higgins (@RyanHigginsRyan) March 12, 2018

“Marvel has confirmed that Amazing Spider-Man #798 will see the first appearance complete with Red Goblin,“ she tweeted the owner of the store, urging its customers to order the number. The debut of the villain was early in the last chapters of the Amazing Spider-Man by writer Dan Slott, so that each of these numbers, he went out and came back again to the prints almost before the actual release.

The Red Goblin was presented as the union of two of the greatest enemies of Spider-Man, Norman Osborne and the Symbiont, Carnage. His arrival was much publicized, thanks to the shocking combination of bad that is – something that thrilled fans of Spider-Man for a long time. Now that his first appearance in full is confirmed, it is pretty sure that Amazing Spider-Man #798 will fly off the shelves in no time.

Amazing Spider-Man #798, Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen with the covers of Alex Ross, will be on sale from April 4.

Speaking of new appearances, we bring you also the new costumes of the Fantastic Qauttro presented on Marvel Two-in-One #4. The new costumes presented by Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti have been worn by the Human Torch, the Thing and Rachina Koul.

The new costumes are drawn by Schiti and have a look technologically advanced, that it seems to keep faith with the original mission of the Fantastic Four, even if the colour scheme is white and black rather than the traditional blue of the team. Take a look below:

The Human Torch and the Thing have recently discovered that their powers are waning. Neither of them must embark on a journey through the multiverse in hope of being reunited with the disappearance of the family Richards. The meeting could take place during the first 6 numbers of the series.

Sources: cbr | comicbook

Marvel comics – First appearance of Red Goblins-and-new costumes for the Fantastic Four is




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