Marvel comics – FCBD: Captain America and Spider-Man, between politics and sitcoms


Published on Apr 16, 2018



Coates is a well-known american journalist and writer, devoted to themes of racial and social, their history and heritage. Last year Captain America was treated as controversial by Nick Spencer. Made him an undercover agent of the fascist organization better known as the Hydra in the saga of the Secret Empire (ended last week here in Italy by Panini Comics). This storyline saw the Hydra take control of America through legal means, thanks to the leadership of Steve Rogers. In the end it was wrought from the original version of Captain America and from America itself.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have brought the Captain in a long journey of redemption for all of America, and ended up frozen and to find herself again out of your own time. In this future, will face another version of America.

Then, Coates will take account of these developments or ignore them? You will take away more from the storyline of the Secret Empire and the political turmoil that has sparked?

From what we can see from the pictures that Bleeding Cool reports of the register of the Free Comic Book Day, it seems that nothing will be ignored. With crowds in turmoil and the opposition between them. One of the two claims that the Hydra had it right.

Gehenna was the basis of the Hydra used in New Zealand for the launch of the “Secret Empire”. Now, there are nazis and anti-fascists, but Captain America looks at them, without working, without giving punches to any nazi (remember the historical cover of Captain America punches Hitler). Of course, the situation will degenerate.

But in the story we also see the history of the United States, his legacy and responsibility, and also... Russia. However, as a troll, Ta-Nehisi Coates is digging deep for this new series.

The other register of the Free Comic Book Day Amazing Spider-Man/Infinity-Countdown-Wars, which will contain the series of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley of Spidey and will set the tone of the series.

It seems to be the classic sitcom to the Friends/How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory. It will be a series on people who live together but who might not share the same life goals. The last page reveals a big plot twist that will make the series extremely interesting.


We have Peter Parker and Randy Robinson to the search of an apartment together. And there is also a beautiful explanation of why rents in New York are so high despite being constantly under attack.

It would not be New York if a villain did not intervene and break up the normal search of the two young people. But those who are not other if not a Boomerang, one of the protagonists of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man written by Nick Spencer)? But it does not end here, Randy says to Peter, who will share the apartment with a third roommate. Here's who it is:

A superhero and a villain sharing the same apartment, not knowing the true identity of the other. The new series is extremely interesting. Take in hand The Superior Foes of Spider-Man because it looks like that we will see some beautiful.

Source: bleedingcool

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