Marvel Comics announces a series about Nick Fury (Jr.)


Published on Jan 07, 2017


The Marvel character, agent of SHIELD, will make its debut in a new series arriving in the next few months

Marvel Comics has announced the start of a regular series dedicated to Nick Fury Jr., that will make its debut in the USA in the spring and that will be written by James Robinson (The Golden Age) and designed by ACO (Midnighter and Apollo).

Nick Fury, Jr., son of the more famous Nick Fury, he made his debut on Earth-616 in the miniseries of the 2012 Battle Scars. From then on, after having left the “Jr.” was appointed to the role of the father, becoming an agent of SHIELD.

In this new series, as we can see from the cover preview of the new Nick Fury is all over daddy Samuel L. Jackson, the film version of Nick Fury sr. of comics, by the white hair on the temples and the colorful “slightly” lighter. The unmistakable bandage on the eye, however, will remain as a hallmark of the lineage of the family.

The new stories will see Fury clash with Frankie Noble, agent of Hydra, which under many points of view it will prove to be the opposite of Nick.

The ACO, who will create the cover page and tables, which we show you some previews, will fall back to the style of Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko featuring designs from the psychedelic and colorful.

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