Marvel comics: a new origin for the Hulk


Published on Feb 11, 2019


After the relaunch of The Immortal Hulk, the monthly adventures of the giant of Jade have pushed the character to new heights impressive and horrific. With a setting of psychological horror, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have never been in a situation at the Jekyll-and-Hyde-like in this occasion.


Not only is the Goliath the Green is able to rise only at night, but most of all, even if you tried to dissect the Hulk in a million pieces, not kill.

It is not only stronger and faster, Hulk is more intelligent, a development that we have learned to be tied to a mysterious Green Door and to the demonic realm that lies beyond this. In the last chapter, however, we discover that this connection is not a recent occurrence; the very essence of the Green Door is linked to the origins of the Hulk, and the concept of the gamma radiation.

While Bruce encounter the demonic manifestation of “the One who is beneath All that”, taking the form of her violent father Brian, we learn that the gamma radiation is not a particle or a wave, is something “much more”. This form of nuclear energy is part science and part magic. It is an energy demon that can open rifts to this realm of the supernatural, a place that in reality is a hell beneath the Hell to which we are accustomed in the Marvel Universe.

It turns out that in the course of the years, exposure to gamma rays has allowed the heroes to become the avatar of this dark lord, a demon that could exceed even the power of Mephisto. That's why the Hulk was corrupted by this, leaving the place to a new personality called the Devil Hulk, and here's also because Crusher Creel has been separated from his ability to Man-Absorbent. It was part of the plan of the demon so that the Man of Absorbent risucchiasse all the gamma radiation Bruce, by combining it with the new power Creel from the Hulk Red, overloading the latter so as to match the order in which the Hulk instead he was resisting, they break down the Green Door and allow the demon to cross the barrier. The dark dimension of the demon consumes the New Mexico and come to know why these people with powers in the range exist, they are just tools of “the One who is beneath All that” to get freedom.

The gamma radiation created the passage from one world to another, and Bruce realizes that his accident occurred in the base of Los Diablos in New Mexico, this way “One who is beneath All that” is able to manipulate him and others like him to succeed in his intention of returning to the top and unleash literal hell on Earth.

This is an operation of retcon very intriguing and functional. We know that in the Marvel Universe, the line between science and mysticism is very thin if not virtually non-existent. And this link to the themes of horror and the underworld seems to almost justify the personality disconsolate Bruce. Now we have to ask ourselves if “the One who is beneath All that” has not contributed to breaking the psyche of our hero, and give life to the Hulk as diverse as Joe Fixit or Savage Hulk.

One thing is certain, however, now that the secret is revealed, it will be interesting to see Bruce and his fellow scientists dig deeper to find out exactly what makes the gamma-radiation the energy of the apocalypse and what they can do to stop the new demon of the Marvel Universe.

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