Marvel: Captain America will face an old enemy


Published on Nov 14, 2017


Directly from the official website of the House of Ideas, marvelnews, we learn new information about the upcoming adventures of Captain America's most-loved Steve Rogers.


Remember that the Cap is currently performing a long journey along the roads of America to try to redeem himself in the eyes of the american people after the terrible events of the Secret Empire. We have already published some information on the journey of Steve Rogers in this article.

But in the course of his journey, Captain America #696 Steve will tackle his old enemy, The Swordsman, who, however, has taken on a new identity. The writer of the series on the Cap, Mark Waid, spoke about the future of Steve and the return, albeit in new clothes, this historic enemy.

Speak to the writer: “The basic idea was to create an epic and dynamic battle “sword against shield”. In addition, this new version of Swordsman could have some references to previous versions of the character, though, of the base, a thief. The Cap will have to fight with the villain to save an entire american town, and this will tie in to her intention to get back in touch with the common people, helping as he can, with the heart of the Country.

Waid then added a few details about his collaborators, creative, artist Chris Samnee and colorist Matthew Wilson: “I have to say that 90% of the work on the Swordsman is to the credit of Chris Samnee. In addition, the partnership with Wilson has brought the right colors to this story: the light colors and brightness, just as it should be Captain America, a beacon of light.”

He concluded the writer, “The story will show the limits of Captain America and deepen its ideals: if you loved on the big screen, you will love it on these pages..”

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