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Published on Nov 18, 2018



As A result of a clash between Captain America and Thunderbolt Ross where Cap refuses to put the Avengers under the command of the United States government, Ross called a secret agent to form a super team.

The agent, whose identity is kept a secret for the whole number, is Phil Coulson, apparently returned from the dead following his death, the work of Deadpool during Secret Empire. Along with Coulson, is revealed, and his team, designed to take the place of the Avengers as the team of superheroes in the United States: the Squadron Supreme, now dubbed the Squadron Supreme of America.

For those who don't know, the Squadron Supreme is a team of enemies of the Avengers in the Silver Age, coming from another reality, but each of its components, is also a veiled tribute to the typical members of the Justice League of DC Comics. The team shown in Avengers #700 is composed of Hyperion, Warrior Woman, Doctor Spectrum, Whizzer and Nighthawk, characters based respectively on Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Batman.

If in the main storyline, the Avengers have to deal with the immediate threat of the two teams, Defenders of the Deep of Death and of the Winter Guard Russia's newly reformed, are the stories in the queue that show us the future. In the first, Ghost Rider is confronted by Odin and brutally stabbed. Ghost Rider recovers easily, and he learns early on that Odin has come seeking revenge against him for the death of the Starbrand, which took place on Marvel Legacy #1. “Was your brother in arms since the dawn of this world!” Cries Odin, before landing another hit. Robbie Reyes explains that it did not intend to harm the friend of God, and the readers of that number you will remember that he's telling the truth.

In Marvel Legacy #1, the Starbrand appeared in front of Ghost Rider, angry and went crazy, attacking Robbie and nearly killing him until the Penance stare of Ghost Rider never did it explode, all the while swearing at the Final Host. Hearing this, Odin realizes that the fault is his, that the mortal body of the Starbrand has gone mad because of the revelation of the Celestials fallen. He also explains that the experience of Ghost Rider in the kill Starbrand will no doubt be useful in the near future, saying to Robbie that she will learn a lot more about Starbrand soon enough, as “this kingdom is never long lived without, especially in difficult times like these.”

In the meantime, outside of the reality classic, Loki confronts the Celestials “to the edge of space.” Initially, trying to speak with them, meets Wolverine, who seems to be the classic version of the character (as we have seen in the Marvel Legacy #1), although said to be alive by “eons”. He tells Loki that it is there to make a deal with the Celestials. However, Wolverine plans to do the double game with the giants cosmic.

Extracting his claws, Wolverine explodes in a massive storm of flames. While the fire spreads through the Celestial, appear to be visions of the future, including the images of Death and its Defenders of the Deep, Malekith, Moon Knight is an army of zombies, Punisher wearing what looks like a medieval armor, Iron Fist fighting the hand, the Man-Thing with Mjolnir and helmet of Iron Man, Ursa Major of the Winter Guard, Hyperion destroys the shield Cap eight different hands in the air with the emblem of the Starbrand.

Later, Wolverine and Loki fly away, presumably to reappear in the Wolverine: the Infinity Watch, February.

Jason Aaron has used the power of the Starbrand in his other series, Thor. Here we saw a very far future where the Dr. Fate wields not only the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme, Ghost Rider and Iron Fist, but also bears the symbol of the Starbrand in his left hand. Also the fact that Aaron has entered Starbrand as one of the most ancient powers of the universe, including it in his team of Avengers of 1,000,000 to.C. makes it clear that the author is slowly revealing the projects related to the Starbrand, which shall put it in a prominent position, a position that will affect the future of the Marvel universe.

Later, at the end of the register, see the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) is undertaking a mission in Romania, in the region once known as Transylvania, in quality of Agent of the Coupled. The direction becomes clear when a flock of bats monstrous attacks: the castle of Dracula.

As you might expect, the place is pretty well guarded by hundreds of bloodsuckers who seek to hinder it. Fortunately, Wasp is not new in this kind of situations and juggle easily between the enemies. Find a cell and heads inside, revealing the objective of the mission: Blade. It seems that the vampire hunter is chained here for a long time, but it is not known when it was captured by the horde of vampires.

The Wasp has an irresistible offer for the hero: “Hey Blade, would you like to join to the Avengers?” Blade does not take much to answer for: “give me my swords,” and the Wasp concludes with : “Good answer.”

Blade will be an addition interesting to the team of the Avengers, which currently includes Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, She-Hulk and Ghost Rider. Get a character connected to the world of the supernatural should provide many exciting interactions with the Ghost Rider and the personality of the Blade will also provide a conflict intriguing against heroes with opposite personalities like Iron Man.

The appearance of Malekith in the page of the future of the Marvel universe and, in particular, seeing it in the future of the Avengers reminds us of the next event in Marvel: War of the Realms. Now we can be certain that this miniseries will involve the Heroes More Powerful of the Earth, not only for the presence of Jason Aaron to the texts but also for the illustration of the designer on the miniseries, Russell Dauterman.

The event will kick off in April 2019 with six numbers for a total of three months. Marvel has also emphasized the importance of such an event, comparing it to Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman that led to the era of the All-New All-Different Marvel.

“I am building a War of the Realms from the beginning of my run on Thor. So we're talking about six years and 80-something numbers,” said Aaron in a statement. “This is a war that involves the entire globe, including the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this wonderful promo of my collaborators of the era of The Mighty Thor, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, all of whom are too thrilled to go back to work on War of the Realms. ”

The promo art of Dauterman and Wilson includes heroes from every corner of the Marvel universe, including Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venom, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Wolverine, and Black Panther, in the fight with Thor and the other Heralds Odin, Frigga and the Valkyrie. Heroes like Captain America and Daredevil are masterfully shown on a winged horse or a sword asgardiana.

War of the Realms by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson will arrive in April 2019 from Marvel Comics.

Avengers #700 is written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed Mcguinness, Frazer Irving, David Marquez and Andrea Sorrentino. The story continues in Avengers #11 and exit on 12 December.


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