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Published on Dec 29, 2018



In a question and answer session on Twitter last night, the next writer of Guardians of the Galaxy, Donny Cates, could be let slip that another Guardian may soon leave us.

In Infinity Wars #6, and Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1, the Guardians of the Galaxy have lost Drax, the Destroyer. But the character as a whole is not dead, it is only the part of the “Destroyer” that was consumed by a black hole that has left behind the human form, and the original: Arthur Douglas.

This version of Douglas, however, has no knowledge of his time from Drax with the Guardians of the Galaxy lives in a newly created dimension within the Gem of the Soul with his family.

The group technically disbanded after this cosmic event by Gerry Duggan, but a new version of the team will appear in next month when Cates and Shaw will take over in the series.

And once that Cates and Shaw will be substituted, the group may see another member fall. The writer has in fact recently joked on Twitter about the possible killing of Rocket Raccoon.

Raccoons aren't dogs, right? ;)

— DONNY CATES (@Doncates) December 27, 2018

Cates seems to have a penchant for killing dogs in his career as a writer for Marvel. After all, the writer has killed the companion of the Doctor Strange, Bats, Doctor Strange #382 (February 2018) and initially killed Lockjaw, the teleporta inhuman in the first issue of Death of the Inhumans. So, after the question if he would have had the intention to kill of the dogs in this series, the author answers: “The raccoons are not dogs, right? ;)”, suggesting in a clear its intentions with regard to the character raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Geoff and I have plans CRAZY for our first arc of Guardians,“ said the writer. “This arc is called ‘Endgame’, and as seen in Thanos Legacy, begins with the reading of the last will and testament of Thanos. An artifact that the brother of Thanos, Eros, has recovered in the heart of his deceased brother, which can mean condemnation of the whole universe. What horrible secrets are contained in the will of the titan?!! Find out in January !! And oh yes... our new formation. Well, this is a surprise. Use the hashtag #WhoAreTheGuardians online and maybe we will give you advances as we get closer! See you in space! ”

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Cates and Shaw will arrive on the shelves of comics stores american on the 23rd of January.

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