Marvel announces the “next great team of superheroes”


Published on Aug 22, 2019


Via Twitter, Marvel Comics has announced the rise of the “next great team of superheroes”: Doc Justice and the J-Team.

The next great Super Hero team... #MarvelComics

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) August 19, 2019

In the teaser image are indicated the various dates of birth of the team. We can then predict the arrival of the first issue of Doc Justice and the J-Team by the end of 2019.

Before they were revealed, only the title and a teaser image designed by Kris Anka, where we see the members of the new team.

Later, Marvel Comics has revealed that this team in fact is not exactly new. In fact, the members of the J-Team are nothing more than the Runaways under cover. Despite this, Doc Justice still remains an unknown quantity as far as his true identity.

“We started planning the last story arc of Runaways, the numbers #25-30, and we thought one of the things this series does best: take the classic idea of the comic book Superhero and sovvertirla, give her a pinch of Runaways,” Nick Lowe said to “From the moments the classics of the original run of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona to the contents of the latest issues, much of this series pertains to subvert those expectations and ideas of the Superhero.”

The story begins with Runaways #25, with the team that unites to the Doc Justice to become his own team of official support.

“And that's something that comic book Superheroes usually do is a great change of costume or name, and the Rainbow she had the idea of Doc Justice and the J-Team: this venerable hero of Los Angeles that is without his support team,” added Lowe. “And maybe the Runaways will be! So what we have discovered is that Doc Justice is recruiting the Runaways, and have never done anything like this before.”

Kris Anka will return to the series for the number #27, to the transition from the Runaways to the J-Team.

“For Runaways is a Marvel comic, as are the characters super strong,” continues Nick, “are not Superheroes. I never have been. They have done things to help the people, things, heroes , but not Superheroes, not patrolling the streets. Then you will see the beginning of all in the numbers #24-26, but things start to really happen in issue #27... And we have a guest artist for this (that's not really a guest) because Kris Anka is back to a number! Is coming for Runaways# 27 to help us to form the group of the J-Team. We are very happy to have him back.”

Runaways #25 Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will be on sale from 25 September

Below the full video of the first ad:

Revolutionary! Unstoppable! New! A wondrous and youthful squad!
Look for Doc Justice and the J-Team in the pages of #MarvelComics, coming soon.

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) August 19, 2019

Marvel announces the “next great team of superheroes” is




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