Marvel announces 95 artists involved in its new projects


Published on May 10, 2019


Here's the new artists revealed for the great project, which we will see realized in August 2019:

– Jason Aaron and Goran Parlov

– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld and Mattia De Iluis

– Saladin Ahmed, and Steve Rude

– Ed Brisson and Jorge Fornes

– Kurt Busiek and Cameron Stewart

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw

– Peter David and Adam Kubert

– Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez

– Tom Defalcation and Ron Frenz

– Gerry Duggan, and Chris Samnee

– Al Ewing and Daniel Acuña

– Al Ewing and Cafu

– Al Ewing and Joshua Cassara

– Al Ewing and Mike Deodato Jr.

– Al Ewing and Ron Garney

– Al Ewing and Carlos Pacheco

– Al Ewing and George Perez

– Al Ewing and Jesus Saiz

– Al Ewing and Cory Smith

– Al Ewing and Christian Ward

– Al Ewing and Chris Weston

– Eve L. Ewing and Jen Bartel

– Patrick Gleason

– Glen David Gold and Chris Mooneyham

– Adam F. Goldberg and Adam Riches

– Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung - Tini Howard and Kia Asamiya

– Joe Hill and Mike Allred

– James Monroe Iglehart and Oscar Martin

– Jason Latour

– Jeff Lemire

– Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

– Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and Javier Rodiguez

– Brad Meltzer, and Julian Todino German

– Ryan North and James Harren

– Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa

– Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Francis Yu

– Alex Ross

– Rainbow Rowell, and Kris Anka

– Gail Simone and David Baldeon

– Walt Simonson

– Dan Slott and Marcos Martin

– Charles Soule and Steve McNiven

– J. Michael edit] after and Ed McGuinness

– Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal

– Taboo, and Geoffery Veregge

– Roy Thomas, and Rod Reis

– Kelly Thompson and Pepe Larraz

– Mark Waid and John Cassaday

– David F. Walker and J. J. Kirby

– Toby Whithouse and Alan Davis

– Jeremy Whitley and Irene Koh

– Chip Zdarsky

– Jim Zub and Nick Bradshaw

Some of the names already mentioned, such as Gleason, the news marks the debut of the creator of the series the Goldbergs, and the star of the basketball Abdul-Jabbar. It is not clear yet what projects will be involved; perhaps all of this has to do with the 80 years of Marvel?

Marvel announces 95 artists involved in its new projects is




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