Marvel: announced The Sentry, Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto


Published on Mar 06, 2018


The Sentry reappeared recently on the set of Doctor Strange, written by Donny Cates, while Loki was the Sorcerer Supreme. But now Jeff Lemire (Thanos, Old Man Logan) and Kim Jacinto (Avengers: No Surrender) will write and draw a series with him as the protagonist.

“The Sentry is a fascinating character, I loved the original series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, when is it out for the first time, so I took the opportunity to write the character. Sentry has a lot of emotional depth and a lot for me to explore in the psychology of the character. It is immensely powerful and has the potential to be one of the largest and most important heroes of the Marvel universe, but is constantly threatened by his dark side and doubts about himself.”

The dark side of the Sentry is much more aggressive. It is manifested in the villain known as Void. Lemire states that Void, currently locked in the closet of Doctor Strange, will remain a shadow that is recurring in the new series.

“You can't have a Sentry without Void. [...] But what I was very aware it was not simply telling the same stories that had been told in the past with Sentry and Void. I want to see their relationship and their characters evolve and move in new directions.”




The series will take place some time after the appearance of the Sentry in Doctor Strange. “Bob will begin to reconnect with the rest of the Marvel universe. [...] In fact, our series will begin a few months after the events of Doctor Strange Donny Cates, and Bob will already be reinstated in the Marvel Universe.”

Kim Jacinto says its. “We are proceeding with the traditional appearance of the Sentry, but we also have some surprises in store.”One of these twists will see Sentry active in two different worlds, distinct from the art by Kim Jacinto, which oscillates between “a little’ light to dark and gritty “. Jacinto says that it will be a challenge, but “draw different realities is fun and sometimes the fun overtakes the challenge.”

Lemire has had to do with another character, mentally unstable recently: Moon Knight. But the author declares that the Sentry will have a different approach.

“Well, it's different from the moment that the Sentry and Moon Knight have very different problems,“ explains Lemire. “In both cases, I wanted to create a narrative structure that reflects those mental health problems and both series deal with multiple realities that reflect the inner landscape of the characters, then I suppose you could do a comparison in this case. But Sentry is not a reconstruction of what I did in Moon Knight. But I wanted to create a story full of mystery and psychological depth as I did with Moon Knight. ”

The Sentry is the latest in the dell series announced for this “fresh start”. The others are Tony Stark: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Avengers, Thor, The Immortal, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Venom and Amazing Spider-Man.

Marvel: announced The Sentry, Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto is




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