Marvel & IDW: the first details of the series of all-ages


Published on Jul 31, 2018


An important partnership in the view of the San Diego Comic-con this week. Marvel comics and IDW Publishing have announced a collaboration for the production of comics aimed at an audience young.

“From Iron Man to Captain America until the Hulk, the pantheon of the character Marvel has something to offer every type of player, " said the editor of IDW Publishing John Barber– and thanks to this agreement, Marvel and IDW aim to create new and exciting comic books for a generation that is growing up in a world-Marvel”.

This is not the first collaboration between Marvel and IDW, given that recently the publishing house that owns the rights to Ninja Turtles, he has published a series on Star Wars.

The first title, Marvel-IDW will be launched in November this year, and will feature Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Will follow in December, a series dedicated to the Avengers, while in January, will be launched a series on the Black Panther.

The goal is to reach an audience, especially the young, that you never approached to the Marvel comics, but that is well aware of the characters of the House of Ideas, made popular by the film universe developed by Disney in the last decade.

“IDW is the ideal partner to reach readers of a new generation,” said Sven Larsen, editor in chief of Marvel. While the president of IDW's Greg Goldstein said that the House of Ideas with his own label, “they are capable of creating products that are ideal for fans both young and old. By combining our strengths, the results can be spectacular”.

In Spider-Man will appear in both Peter Miles and Spider-Gwen and will be written by Delilah Dawson with the drawings of the Fig Basis:.

Avengers and Black Panther will be the next titles, for the moment, there is no crossover. Avengers will be released in December, Black Panther in January.

Captain Marvel appears in Avengers that will be designed by Sara Pitre-Durocher, Shuri will appear in Black Panther.


Marvel & IDW: the first details of the series of all-ages is




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