Marvel, all the new features provided in February in the US


Published on Nov 25, 2017


From the website newsrama, we have a summary of the innovations that we see planned in the USA in the month of February from Marvel.

Let's start from the exchange of creative teams: it will be the designer Valerio Schiti take over at Jim Cheung on Marvel Two-In-One #3, while America #12 will be illustrated by Stacey Lee.

Amazing Spider-Man #795 will be taken care of by Mike Hawtrone and superstar Stuart Immonen will draw the following #796.

Paulo Siquiera will draw Atonishing X-Men #8. Finally, the penciler Nico Henricon salt to the edge of Doctor Strange #387.

Let's analyze now the main news on the most important titles.

We will see a return of the Storm king T Challa Black Panther #170 to face Ras The Exorther.

The doctor Stephen Strange will have the opportunity to have his revenge against Loki, the new sorcerer supreme. Will the doc get his powers? The answer to Doctor Strange #385/386

The event Avengers No Surrender will be in full swing, with the revelation of the identity of the mysterious character of Voyager. Also on Avengers #679-#682 will see the loss of a member of the Avengers, but also the return of one of the most beloved characters...

She Hulk #162 see Jennifer Walters to try to regain control of the se itself, but it may not be so simple...

Old Man Logan could have a chance to regain his factor healing, and will team up with Scarlet Samurai, on Old Man Logan #35.

Will also start the Conutdown to the mysterious event Infinity, which we have already spoken in the past few weeks. The story will then begin on Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1, which will see the return to the scene of the character of Adam Warlock.

With regard to publications relating to the mutants, Atonishing X-Men# 8 will take the X-Men to face the enemies more terrifying. Rachel Summers will be in serious trouble on the X-Men Gold #22, also the mutants will have to face an unsettling loss on the #23.

It will be the month of good for the return of Tony Stark? Iron Man #597 will provide us with the answer: “IronHeart will be born again, Dr. Fate will fall, and Tony Stark ermergerà from the shadows!”


Marvel, all the new features provided in February in the US is




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