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Published on Oct 07, 2017


Writers Charles Soule, And Brisson and Matthew Rosenberg to keep company with the editor-in-chief Alex Alonso at the conference of the Comicon destined to the X-Men, according to the portal newsrama.

Already in the course of the day were leaked news and rumors, such as the announcement of the composition of the creative team for the Legion and for Rogue and Gambit, but with this exposure provides further details and recommendations regarding the near future for the guests of gene X.

The conference opened with Brisson, who spoke of the Cable and such as these, to find out who is doing the slaughter of the Externals, will form a team with some of the new New Mutants, which specifically will be X-23, Blink, Longshot, Doop, Shatterstar.

Brisson has spoken of the future of Old Man Logan, that will Scarlet Samurai, a figure connected to the past of James Howlett.

Brisson has continued making an interesting comparison between the series of the “old men” (not only Old Man Logan, but also Old Man Hawkeye, recently announced and which we have discussed in this article), and the famous tv series Vince Gilligan: “If Old man Logan is Breaking Bad”, said the writer, “then the Old Man Hawkeye will be Better Call Saul”. Finally, he confirmed how the series on the old hawkeye will be a prequel to the original Old Man Logan.

The exposure is continued Charles Soule, who spoke of the future of the headboard Astonishing X-Men, explaining how these will be part of a story that will take them to ‘ touch the real world’, even if some of the parts will take place on the Astral Plane; also, the story will be in part focused on the figure of Charles Xavier, professor X, which will be presented in the form of a novel. It will in fact be the protagonist, starting from #7 of the publication with the storyarc “A Man Called X”.

The part of the speech focused on Phoenix: Resurrection, was welcomed by a thunderous applause from the present; Alonso has explained how Jean Grey represents the heart of the X-Men and how the story starts with Jean Grey# 8 will excite and tears to readers.

Alonso has also provided further details on the Legion, revealing the first clues about the plot; David Haller will be fought internally, with its multiple personalities, who will be forced to face their darkest side...

About Rogue & Gambit, Alonso went on to explain how the two mutants to form an unusual team up in an adventure that will be a mix of action, adrenaline and fun.

The cartoonist And Psikor concluded the display by showing the fans the Cover of X-Men: the Grand Design# 1, the comic that will show the evolution of the mutants from their origins up to the present day. The cartoonist said of how the project has engaged seven days a week during the last weeks.





source: newsrama

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