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Published on Oct 08, 2018


The Editor-In-Chief of Marvel, C. B. Cebulski, has announced at the Marvel: Next Big Thing Panel at the Comic con in New York, that the publisher will launch the sequel to the weekly event Avengers: No Surrender by the name of Avengers: No Road Home by the same creative team of Mark Waid, Jim Zub, Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Sean Izaakse. The saga of No Surrender is the game with the Marvel Legacy, bringing the series to the relaunch of Jason Aaron, currently at the tenth number.

“We are telling the story of the Avengers greatest and craziest, once again,” said Zub. Also, Breevort announced a return to the series that will be great, as happened with the return of Hulk in No Surrender. “There is a big bomb that will explode in the midst of everything that will affect the entire Marvel Universe”.

Rocket Raccoon will join the Avengers for the story. “Quite some time ago, Mark, Jim and I were trapped in a room, hit with a stick,” joked the writer, Al Ewing during the Marvel comics – True Believers the panel, referring to as Avengers: No Road Home has been designed. He went on to say that Rocket Raccoon would become an Avenger for the story, and Voyager would be back.

It is not entirely clear at this time because the Rocket will choose to join the Avengers in their mission. However, it will likely be of great help for the team, you will face a new threat to the cosmic.

Avengers: No Surrender, was published in Avengers #675 – 690, and has brought together the components of the Avengers, U. S. Avengers and Uncanny Avengers. Waid, Ewing, Zub, Pepe Larraz, Kim Jacinto and Paco Medina are the components of the creative team that has seen the Land “stolen” from the Great Master and Challenger to see who could outwit the other in their cosmic game. The weekly event has also seen the return of Bruce Banner/the Hulk, the Order of Black, and a new Lethal Legion, along with the debut of the daughter of the Grand Master, Voyager, which has altered the memory of the Avengers to become herself one of the Avengers founders.

Marvel has not revealed if Avengers: No Road Home would take place in the main series of Avengers, is currently written by Jason Aaron, or if it will be published.

Avengers: No Road Home will debut in February 2019.

Also, fans of the miniseries Marvels of the 1994 will were happy to hear Cebulski reveal that the creative team, composed by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Alex Ross, will be available for some projects next year, which will mark the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed series.

“It is the 25th anniversary of the Marvels by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. We are pleased to announce that Kurt and Alex will be back next year to cure, and to propose any type of project Marvel,” said Cebulski in the audience at the Marvel: Next Big Thing Panel. “We are still talking about it, but,” he added.

The executive director, Tom Breevort, has also revealed that there would be a cover variant by Alex Ross for the 25th anniversary of the series for the fans who are in love 24 years ago.

Set in the period from 1939 to 1974, to evade the authorities looked at the Marvel Universe from the point of view of the people, by the journalist Phil Sheldon. The series at the urban level, wanted to represent how the lives of ordinary took place in a world full of superheroes, with each number that was put in the foreground the way in which men reacted to the most popular events in the publishing history of Marvel.

Writer Jason Aaron has teased players with the “War of Kingdoms” in the pages of Thor and Mighty Thor, but fans present at the Marvel: Next Big Thing Panel at the New York Comic con were given their first look at the official logo of the narrative and its creative team: Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson.

“It will be the story of the Marvel fantasy of your dreams... or your nightmares...” said Breevort. “And will appear to be Jane Foster,” he added Brunstad.


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