Marvel 2099: team, creative, cover, and details about the history


Published on Sep 19, 2019


Year the futuristic 2099 Marvel Comics will be comeback in great style, at least according to the checklist of one-shot planned for November 2019, with Victor Von Doom seems to be the main antagonist.

According to Spider-Man 2099 #1 “will follow the Spider-Man of this universe, Miguel O'hara while the struggle to save the Marvel Universe from an uncertain future”. Nick Spencer, current writer of Amazing Spider-Man, will write the number, with Jose Carlos Silva to the drawings.

Spider-Man 2099 made a return surprise in the issue of the Amazing Spider-Man #25 always of Spencer, with Miguel O'hara that is schiantava on the Ground after having suffered a brutal attack. Even if Amazing Spider-Man #25 was the last that we have seen with Spider-Man 2099, the numbers of November #33-34 return in reality to the fold.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 by Nick Spencer and Jose Carlos Silva will be on sale in December, while the Amazing Spider-Man #33-34 in November, all starring Spider-Man 2099 (the #34 will also see our hero allied with Doom).

Just Victor Von Doom will be present in two other numbers: Doom 2099 #1 2099 OMEGA #1.

Doom 2099 #1 will bring together the writer Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals) and artist Marco Castiello (Giant-Man). Zdarsky has expressed his excitement for this, saying to “I adored the original Doom 2099, so this is a dream project, which helps to reinvent the world. In our one-shot we do our best to keep the spirit of the original...”

Of course, with Zdarsky, known for his funny stories, the promise, the gravity of the plot could be viewed with a certain skepticism.

Doom is also touted as a leader of the future in 2099 OMEGA #1 writer Nick Spencer (The Amazing Spider-Man) and artist Gerardo Sandoval (Venom). The cover by Patrick Gleason and Rachelle Rosenberg, combined with the assertion that there are no heroes to stop the end of the future in 2099, a glimpse of a dark destiny governed by the same Doom.

DOOM 2099 #1, Zdarsky and Castiello and 2099 OMEGA #1 of Spencer and Sandoval will come at a date yet unknown this December.

Many men and women have been possessed by the Spirit of vengeance in the Marvel universe, but one that could have been forgotten is Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane, the Ghost Rider of 2099.

Marvel Comics has returned to Zero, Ghost Rider 2099 #1, out in December, writer Ed Brisson and artist Damian Couceiro.

“Ghost Rider 2099, reimmaginiamo the origin of Ghost Rider, which pays homage to the series of the ’90s, but still pushes the character in a new and exciting direction. A lot of cameo for readers with sharp eyes!” he anticipated Brisson to

The cover of Ghost Rider 2099 show Zero wielding his circular saw surrounded by fire in hell. It remains to be seen how the return of Ghost Rider 2099 will connect to the other titles in the Marvel 2099.

Finally, to Jody Houser was asked to describe Venom 2099 #1 in one word: “Help.” The designs of Francis Furniture.

Marvel 2099: team, creative, cover, and details on the history of




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