Martina Beltrami attacks the former “colleague” of Friends after the storm on social: “are you a suck-out of the question”


Published on Apr 24, 2020


After what happened yesterday on Instagram in these hours is exploding a bomb so that even the manager of the former lead singer of the Friends of Daniel, that on social calling Daniel Cosmic, had to intervene to put order in question. A few minutes ago Francesco Facchinetti has decided to close the profile of Daniel but before you take this measure, many of the ex-students of the talent of Channel 5, had commented on the events as they happened. Among them, Martina Beltrami, a former student of Friends 19, who has decided to have his say, as many commentators pointed out that the problem was in the participation in a talent that then generates the “elements” of this kind. Martina has defended the talent and has also done well, because clearly no one is responsible for the actions of an individual. “You are a disgusting inadmissible,” wrote Martina on Instagram, referring to Daniel. But what is success?

Daniel yesterday, in the course of a direct with his fans, he offended and humiliated of the girls that were following him ( you can read here the whole story).

Now many people have pointed out what was happening, causing even the wrath of other former students and Friends, but also the influencers that are immediately taken to the field to defend the girls involved in the story.

Martina decides to take a position and on the social writes:

“And for all those who write here is another product of Friends, Friends not create this. I assure you. Friends gives you way to get to know you, to spread your art, to grow and treat as if I were a son.”

Then stresses that the offending of the young girls who have maybe 14 years and they don't even have a way to defend themselves is really unspeakable and it is bleak that all this can still somehow go out of fashion.

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