Marriage at first sight six months later, Cecilia and Luke between the joints, fears and important decisions


Published on Oct 29, 2019


Luke and Cecilia were the absolute protagonists of the edition 2019 of Marriage at first sight. The couple has conquered indeed the public in Real Time: the tv viewers have cheered for them since the first day! Luke and Cecilia in these months we talked about a lot on social media, with fans hunting for every possible detail in order to understand if in the end the two had really continued to be husband and wife. We will only know in the episode of the Marriage at first sight after six months in the air on Real Time on the 5th of November 2019. But in the meantime, for those who could not resist, come to our advances. In fact, Marriage at first sight six months later, it's already available for streaming on the app Plus DPlay ( for 15 days can also be used for free).


What happened then between Luke and Cecilia six months after the end of the program? We have left them with the wedding rings on the finger ready to build a new life as husband and wife...

Apparently there is a very bad news for the fans of the couple. Luke and Cecilia are left. Or better, have never continued to be husband and wife. The two seemed to be willing to give in so much to get to live daily in this relationship but things have gone wrong. And the two immediately left. To speak was Cecilia in the first place that explains how Luke, a few hours after the recording of the last bet, if the is given. The guy has left Rome, he left Cecilia and disappeared...

When Luca arrives to explain his reasons, saying that he has understood off camera, that was not good of their own with Cecilia. He had imagined earlier but he thought it was because of the cameras and of the program. But instead he realized that he was not at ease with the young. To us who have followed the programme there was seemed to be but apparently we experienced sensations totally different from the ones of Luke...

Will remain at least friends? For the moment, you do not know...we will See after the special aired on Real Time if the two via social decide to tell a little more about what it was!!!

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