Marriage at first sight shock: bride arrested before the honeymoon


Published on Apr 28, 2020


The issue of Marriage at First sight, Italy to be aired in 2019 a great success. We also prepared a new season but it will be difficult to record, at least in these months; it will probably will be able to speak between August and September, in view of the emergency coronavirus in our country. In waiting, however, to see a new edition of the program in its Italian version, we can tell you about what happened in the issue of Marriage at First sight Usa currently available on DPLay Plus. Marriage at first sight has arrived in the Usa for years and the couple you're talking about has been the protagonist of the seventh edition aired between 2018 and 2019, in America. In particular, we speak of the couple formed by Mia and Tristan, who, just two days after the wedding, he had to face a real hurricane. My in fact, before leaving for the honeymoon, has been arrested! The production of Marriage at first sight you would have never expected a situation of this kind, ance, because the protagonists of the reality show are scanned from top to bottom, looking for any crimes committed in the past. But then how was it possible that one of the protagonists of the show, has been arrested just a few hours from his marriage?

Mia and Tristan were preparing to leave for Mexico. In the american version all the pairs go in the same resort so they can also meet and share the experience together. But My and her brand new husband are not parties.

While Tristan and the woman were preparing the suitcases to the boarding, the police have arrested My. Tristan for hours remained near customs waiting to know what was going on, and then go back to the hotel. The production has tried to get in touch with the forces of law and order to try to understand what was going on. In fact, my has the criminal record completely immaculate and no one expected a thing of this kind. The producers then met Tristan, after having spoken with lawyers and they explained that My has been arrested for stalking, accused by her ex-boyfriend. Not only that, among the accusations, there is also the fraud: he allegedly used the credit card of the man to make the expenditure.

A shot of the scene completely unexpected for all. And the accusations of stalking have also been very much reflect Tristan saw that he had decided to marry the woman. The manufacturers of the Marriage, at first sight, they immediately suggested to Tristan to stop everything with the divorce, but they also recommended to listen to the first version of My own.

Tristan then decided to listen to his wife. The allegations, among other things, have fallen without that there was a need to pay the deposit as the person who had made the complaint, had also withdrawn. Back then in the hotel, My gives his version of the facts to Tristan, saying she is totally innocent. She also says that she does not know even the person who has accused her. Tristan decides to give her confidence and to go forward in the experiment.

The two then not being able to leave decide to spend the days together in Dallas. But the peacefulness is disturbed by Mia decides to tell the truth, Tristan. What he denounced was his ex, it is not true that did not know him. But he has not done anything wrong. Tristan totally lost the trust and confidence of My.

In the weeks following Tristan and My attempt to put together the pieces and giving yourself a new chance but things are complicated. Apparently their marriage has not had a happy ending and the two now seem to have taken completely different roads.

Please note that the unedited episodes of Marriage at First sight the Usa are streaming on DPplay Plus.

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