Market AR, a bargain from $ 11 billion to Apple


Published on Jul 11, 2018


That Apple points a lot about augmented reality is no longer a mystery, as demonstrated by the recent news of ARKit 2 submitted in June. The field of AR, that could be worth billions of dollars for the company.

The analyst of Bank of America Merrill Lynch believes that the AR technology could turn into a stream of revenue from 8 billion dollars to Apple, without regard to the hardware part.

The software side, the analyst believes that the next app AR will have prices higher than average, such as to generate more revenue for Apple. At least $ 1 billion of expected revenues will come just from the sale of these apps on the App Store, while the other 7 will come, according to the analyst, by the increase of the sales of the iPhone connected to the new technologies of augmented reality.

These numbers do not take into account the possible viewer that Apple should launch within a couple of years. By adding this device, the turnover for Apple could amount to around 11 billion dollars by 2020.

In general, as well as other analysts believe that augmented reality is a great opportunity for Apple in terms of new revenue.

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