Mark Zuckerberg responds to the criticism from Tim Cook on Privacy


Published on Apr 03, 2018


It seems more like a soap opera rather than the statements of the CEO of two of the largest companies in the world, however, Mark Zuckerberg is still doing the rounds of television stations and newspapers, releasing dozens of interviews to rectify the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica and a loss of confidence on the part of the users registered to the social network. Today, Zuckerberg responded to what was declared by Tim Cook in the past few days and the thing could go on for a long time.

When Tim Cook came to the knowledge of the facts linked to Facebook, with the sale and misuse of personal data of users, has immediately issued a message to pull water to his mill. The CEO pointed out the location of the Apple, specifying that the company does not access to our data neither of them would ever. On the contrary, Apple has always tried to protect their customers, providing the highest privacy, protection and security. For Tim Cook of the existence of the company that offer supposedly free but, at the same time, they have access to so much private information is really dangerous. Considering that the good sense not to restrict the work of these companies, then there should be laws to impose limits.

Zuckerberg is on a war footing with Apple and they have not of course sent to say:

You know, I've heard many times to say that if you're paying for a service and then hide behind people that don't care of you. I find this topic very far from the truth.

If you want to create a service that is not only for the rich, you need to request in exchange for something that everyone can afford. I think it's important not to get Stockholm syndrome and do not let the companies that are working hard just to get you to pay more for you to see that in reality bother you, is absolutely ridiculous.

If Apple really had at heart the clients then would make the products much more inexpensive.

In short, the soap seems to be destined to continue and, who knows, the choice to remove Instagram from the Apple Watch has not been undertaken precisely as a result of these events. iOS is too important to the company and it would be a move in the crowds exit from the panorama iPhone, but the Apple Watch is less widespread, and remove the app important could lead less people to buy the device.. a dispettuccio that it would take away, however, of the revenue to Apple.

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